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Want to Save More Money on Your Vancouver WA Electric Bill?

Summer is almost here and that means much warmer weather is on the way. In most cases, it means a lower electric bill for a few months, compared to the cold months of fall and winter.

However, your electric bill can also spike when the temperature rises. If you have an air conditioner in your home, it will be running more. It’s also common for people in the Vancouver and Portland area to run fans all day and night during the summer heat.

That equals more money going out of your wallet, as fast as all that cool air when the door is left open. But you can do a few things to help keep your house cool and keep your electric bill low.

One thing that might not come to mind is an air duct cleaning. So how can cleaning your air ducts help lower your electric bill? We’re glad you asked. When your HVAC unit is on, its job is to push air throughout your home via your air ducts.

When your air ducts are clean and clear it’s much easier to push that air where it needs to be. On the other hand, when they are dirty, your HVAC unit has to work much harder. The harder it works, the more energy it expends. The more energy it expends, the more you pay the electric company.

So, if you want to save some money on your electric bill this summer, then give Better Air Northwest a call and schedule an air duct cleaning appointment today. Click here to contact us, or call us at 503-208-8351 in Portland or at 360-852-6212 in Vancouver.

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Want to Save More Money on Your Vancouver WA Electric Bill?

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