Better Air Northwest is the solution for all your industrial facilities’ air duct cleaning needs in Portland and Vancouver. Our experience allows us to offer a full range of services, including respirable dust testing. We realize that there are multiple duct lines in each plant or factory used in many ways aside from just heating and cooling. Our specialized equipment, knowledge and ongoing safety training make us the local specialists for the job. As with any job, we strive for your total satisfaction. We realize that air duct problems can hamper productivity and bring your facility to a grinding halt. To help keep your business running smoothly, we offer flexible scheduling so regular maintenance won’t slow your business down.

Our Industrial Services Include:

HVAC Unit Cleaning:

  • Lockout/tagout unit
  • Remove access panels
  • Hand scrape, brush and clean squirrel cage and fan blades
  • Hand clean and contact vacuum all accessible interior unit surfaces
  • Pressure wash and/or hand vacuum heating/cooling coils
  • Scrape and wet vacuum dribble pan
  • Replace filters (if replacements are provided and available onsite)
  • Visually inspect all interior unit surfaces and components to verify cleaning
  • Reinstall access panels and replace missing nuts, bolts and screws

Supply and Return Conveyance System Cleaning:

  • Remove, hand-clean and reinstall all grilles, diffusers and registers
  • Install additional access ports and/or fire panels in ductwork where necessary to ensure thorough cleaning of all interior duct surfaces
  • Mark the location of all manually operated dampers and any air-directional mechanical devices before cleaning, and restore to marked position upon completion of work
  • Standard supply and return duct systems – while the HVAC system is under HEPA filtered negative pressure, clean interior surfaces with rotary brushes, skip-hosing, air whips/whisks, air tools, and portable vacuums
  • Remove dislodged particulate matter with 2000-3200 cfm Critical System and Air-Care Turbo-Jet 2012 HEPA-filtered negative air machines (note: methods and tools will vary with duct type, to ensure a thorough cleaning and maintain system integrity)
  • Protect all sensitive areas (desks, computers, electronic equipment, etc.) with anti-static poly and maintain general cleanliness
  • Visually inspect interior duct and tunnel surfaces to verify cleaning efficiency before the HVAC systems are restored to normal operation

Some of Our Clients

Clients can be sure of the quality and professionalism of Better Air Northwest staff. Better Air Northwest uses a combined approach of experience and safety to ensure your satisfaction with our services.

  • Ajinomoto Frozen Foods U.S.A., Inc.
  • Columbia Machine
  • Exova
  • Georgia Pacific-Camas Mill
  • Port of Portland
  • SEH America, Inc
  • Tillamook Cheese Factory
  • Dyno Nobel