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We had Better Air Northwest, Jeremy and Joshua, to do a thorough duct cleaning for us. It has been quite a few years (too many) since our last cleaning, and they had their work cut out for them. The job they performed was exceptionally professional. The before and after photographs they displayed for us were incredible in the degree of cleaning they performed. I am offering my highest endorsement review for their service. I am also advising anyone reading this to not delay their own duct cleaning. The air in our house smells wonderful.

Eric and Kathy Bronson

Jeremy and Joshua came to clean our dryer vent. They were great. They called to ask if they could come a little early. They were so pleasant and fun to visit with. We really appreciated how efficiently they worked with no mess left behind.
We would highly recommend Better Air Northwest, especially Jeremy and Joshua.
Thanks guys,
Max and Donna Knauss

Donna Knauss

What a pleasantly surprising experience. Josh and Andres arrived on time and provided a top rate duct cleaning experience. Throughout the time in our home they updated me with pictures and videos from under my house and all the duct entry points. They were efficient and timely and checked in with me often. They left my home cleaner than it was when I arrived. I was most impressed with their relaxed but professional style and that they were always smiling. I highly recommend these guys!!!

Scott Sears

We had to have our dryer duct re-routed so I gave them a call. Eric came the very next day and provided us with an estimate. Their process from the initial call, to scheduling, to completion is seamless. Kody and Lucas were punctual, professional, very friendly and knowledgeable. The overall experience was flawless. I will use them again for future projects. Highly recommend!

Devianne Young

Jeremy, Joshau and Eric were wonderful cleaning the furnace ducts in my home. Lived here over 50 years, never had the ducts cleaned. Wow, did they get the dust out. Showed before and after pictures. Clean clean. They were very professional, efficient and nice. I would recommend BETTER AIR NORTHWEST to everyone.

Claudine Stock

Jeremy and Joshua were great. They showed up on time and quickly got to work cleaning out my dryer vent. While they were at it, they also improved my dryer hook-up. Also, a shout-out to Melissa and Lynn. I contacted three companies for bids, and two responded, but only Melissa and Lynn with Better Air NW responded to my follow-up questions.

Mark Owens

We’ve been using services from Better Air for three years now and can’t say enough positive things about this Company and Staff. We recently had our dryer vent serviced, and the guys did an amazing job. I was especially thankful for them reattaching the vent cover, which is far better than the duct tape I had holding it !

Lolita H

Our HOA hired Better Air Northwest to clean out all the shared dryer vents in our community. Unfortunately we were unable to be home during the scheduled time, but Better Air Northwest was willing to come back to give us a second chance. Jeremy and Joshua came to clean out our ducts. They were very friendly and super professional. They had booties to protect the floors, explained what had been done on the outside and what they would be doing on the inside. They were quick and efficient while also being thorough. Very satisfied and will be recommending our HOA to continue to use Better Air Northwest for future vent cleaning needs.


Edgar and Juan were fantastic. They arrived right on time, explained the process, showed me the amount of dog hair and dust they pulled out of the ducts and left the house put back together. They were professional and personable. I have already added Better Air Northwest to our friend recommendation list.

Anne H

Better Air Northwest cleaned our ducts shortly after we had a new furnace installed, and Jeremy & Joshua did a fantastic job! Will definitely be giving them a call when it’s time for another cleaning.

Heidi G

I had my air ducts cleaned and Better air Northwest were absolutely fantastic. They were on time, did a outstanding job by showing me all the debris that they took from my air ducts,and cleaned all the registers. They cleaned up any debris that fell in my home, they were very friendly/approachable and professional. They made sure I had all my questions answered.I was very pleased and will definitely use them again. Thank you Better North West.

Cindi Crane

We’ve used Better Air Northwest a few times now on our home vent cleaning and dryer vent cleaning and they do a great job. Excellent service from Jason and James & will continue to use them.

Katie Christensen

After requesting Dryer Vent Cleaning referrals on my neighborhood Facebook page, I was made aware of Better Air Northwest. I called them, was given the exact price, and made an appointment. They were on time and did a great job including cleaning up all the lint. We plan on using them regularly. Highly recommended!!

Gena Claytor

Jack & Zach were most professional and most excellent in insulating our home. We are pleased with how they worked as a team and paid close attention to the work involved. Our house was built in 1956 and has had for modification since then. The crawl space ranged from less that a 2ft clearance. But they showed us videos of their work and also fixed our dryer duct. We are very impressed! They went the extra mile because they said Better Air Northwest just does this. We highly recommend Better Air Northwest! We are grateful.
And, it was fun talking with them about what makes a difference.
All the best to Jack & Zach!

Jong & Penina


Had Better Air NW out on 4-9-24. Had the air ducts cleaned along with the dryer vent. Anthony & Mike were my workers. My appointment was between 3-5:PM. However, they were available sooner; I could keep my original time or any time from 1:30 P on. I took 1:30 P. Worked out great. The men were very professional, explained in detail what they would be doing each step of the way. When they were done with the cleaning, then they went back and vacuumed all the areas (including my stairway, thanks guys). I will definitely recommend them. And will use them again.

Claire J

Claire J

Anthony and Mike did a great job! On time, super efficient, explained everything, kept an eye out for the pets in the house, cleaned up thoroughly. Excellent service.

Bridget Underwood

This company was professional throughout… from making appointment to the end of the treatment. I felt very comfortable with Eric and Alex in the house. They quickly worked and provided information about what they do and the results of what came out of the ducts.

Kim Skeen

Jason and James came out to clean our home heating system ducts and the dryer vent. They did a great job—professional, friendly, careful, and efficient. Our clothes dryer is working much more efficiently now, and the heating system as well! Thanks guys.

Don Lawry

Great service. Jeremy and Allan explained every step of the way. I live in a 1913 home that has had renovations. Very dirty vents. They showed me filter before and after. Yuck. They cleaned all the vents and around the furnace motor. Many years of dogs, dust, repairs are now gone. So glad I had it completed. The vent sanitation smell was lovely. Wish it stayed around longer. I highly recommend Better Air Northwest and will use their services in a few years. Family owned and operated!

Suzanne Gruner

Jeremy and Mike cleaned my vents on 4/2/24 and did a great job.

Mark Weingarten

We were very impressed with the two technicians who cleaned our ducts. They were extremely careful and respectful with everything they did. The explained the process and continually kept us updated. They were efficient and even said that we could probably wait the 5 years until it’s needed again. They didn’t press the shorter 3 years vs 5 year schedule.
Would highly recommend them.

Steve Cook

Today we had Jack T and Zach C apply vaper barrier under our house. They both were very professional and efficient at there job. My wife Angie and myself were very happy with the job that was done. We definitely will refer your business to friends and relatives. Jack answered all our questions and provided us with updates on the progress of the job.

David Staab

Allan and Jeremy came by after I had experienced damage from a house fire. Both were extremely professional, super personable, and very efficient with their time. They were respectful of my home, friendly with my dog, and thorough in their explanation of what I should expect of the entire process with no surprises. They showed me the befores and afters, answered all of my questions thoughtfully and kindly (without mansplaining :)). They also showed me how I can monitor my vents to know when I should get another cleaning. 10/10 service and would recommend Better Air Northwest to anyone, and would ask for both Allan and Jeremy specifically!

Happy to know that I will be breathing cleaner air especially with a dog in the house! Thank you team!


Jason and James came today and cleaned the air ducting from our furnace. It was a very good experience to watch these two working efficiently together and cleaned 40 year old dirt and dust out of our ductwork! The air just feels cleaner but my nose thinks so, too. There was an amazing amount of “stuff” in our duct work!

It was a very good experience and well worth it. These two really work well together and knew what they were doing. What I appreciated was the willingness to take the time to answer all my questions. Glad I called Better Air Northwest.

Joe Johnston

Joe Johnston

Jeremy and Juan cleaned our ducts this week. They were not only very professional and did a great job, they were friendly and courteous. We appreciate your work and recommend them highly! Thank you.


Had low airflow & long dry times. Tech cleaned out the vent & found a nest with quite a bit of lint/debris with it. Tech was quick, explained the process & thorough. Thank you 🙂

Margarete Pattison

Lyn and Jason gave me the direction and guidance that I needed to make a decision, then Josh and Andres arrived right on time and, did a lot of work, in difficult conditions ,with tools, procedures and experience that impressed me.AND they were just nice guys to work with. Get it done right with BETTER AIR NORTHWEST!

Mike Mason

Lucas and Kody did a fantastic job replacing and cleaning our air ducts. They were friendly, efficient and communicated clearly. We had other contractors working at the same time and they moved around them with no interruption to anyone’s work.Their cleanup was spotless; I appreciated their professionalism and would highly recommended them both!


Josh & Andres did a fantastic job in cleaning out all my ducts! I recently had a dead rat removed from under my house, and not only cleaned up all the torn up insulation and more the rat left behind, they pointed out a major water leak under my house I didn’t know about. They showed me photos of the dirty ducts before cleaning & after photos of all the ducts cleaned. What a huge difference! Josh also climbed into my attic & fixed my air ducts there while Andres fixed the ducts under the house. Very pleasant & hard-working, this team is AMAZING, simply the best on the planet! For superior service, there can be no one more thorough than Better Air Northwest.

James Ward

My Better Air team, Bo and Jake, let us know when they were on their way. When they arrived, they introduced themselves and put booties on their shoes before entering the house. After a short tour of vent, dryer and furnace locations, they quickly set up and began work. Because they use a vacuum system, all debris is sucked out of the ductwork and out of the house into a collection container that is taken with the team when they leave. The vacuum system also minimizes a mess in the house. From start to finish it took about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Before they began loading equipment to leave, they made sure that all the areas under the vents in the house were carefully vacuumed. Bo and Jake had a sample of the debris they collected from our ductwork. My greatest regret is that I didn’t have Better Air Northwest come out when I first moved in a couple of years ago. The debris that can collect in a home’s ductwork is alarming. Both Bo and Jake were pleasant, professional, and thorough. Excellent job! Highly recommended.

Brenda Berg

We had Better Air Northwest come to clean our ducts and dryer vent. Lynn was very informative about their process of cleaning. They take before and after photos and use special tools to clean the vents. Jeremy and James were professional and very thorough. I will be recommending them to all the HVAC companies we had come out and give us bids for new systems. I will also recommend this service to all my friends and neighbors.

If you have allergies or haven’t had your vents cleaned do system a favor and call Better Air NW. they are a small family owned business and treat their customers right.

Crystal Heitz

Josh & Andres cleaned our air ducts and dryer vents and did amazing! They were so kind and explained the whole process really well. I would definitely recommend Better Air Northwest!

Kehana T

10/10 these guys are great. Appointment setting was easy and team provided status updates for arrival. Jack T. & Zach C. Were very thorough and professional. They took time to explain the process and answer any questions. Very respectful of our home and so personable. Thankful these techs made it such a seamless process. Highly recommend. Looking forward to breathing easier. Great job!

Nik Wieland

Great job today on cleaning my dryer vent Next whole house cleaning! Loved the guys that did the work! Thanks ever so much

Vickie J Moriarity

I’m so happy to have our ventilation system cleaned and deodorized to have fresher, cleaner air to breathe!
Thanks to Bo and Jake for doing a great job!
They were very courteous and cleaned up behind themselves.

Helen Sarkkinen

Jason and James came out yesterday to perform both a duct cleaning and a dryer vent cleaning. They explained everything they were going to do beforehand, showed me the results after, and were very friendly and courteous the whole time. Great service all the way around.

Daniel Davis

Bo and Juan cleaned our air ducts today. We are extremely pleased with their work! Also, their consideration and friendliness was excellent! I would highly recommend this company for any of their services!
Thank you!
Steve and Jo

Jo Moore

I had Better Air Northwest (Allan and Jeremy) clean our ducts and dryer vent. They did an outstanding job. They were friendly, efficient and communicated clearly. Afterwards, they vacuumed the areas in the house where they were working. Turns out our dryer vent wasn’t even connected. The connected it for us and sealed it. I would definitely recommend them and plan to continue using them in the future.

Anita Hoffman

First off, this company was very nice from the beginning of making an appointment.
Alex and Eric called before arrival and were here very promptly. From introduction, they
informed us as to what and how they would proceed with the cleaning of our dryer vent line.
Alex was full of knowledge as we asked quite a few questions.
Not only will they be the ones to call for this service again, but we will pass the word along.
Thank you betterairnorthwest.

Steve and Karen Clarke

Bo and Jordan did a good job. They arrived exactly on time. Explained exactly what they were going to do in cleaning the vents. I would recommend Better Air Northwest. Thank you.

Rhoda Henderson

Bo and Jordan did an amazing job of clearing out all the vents! They arrived on time and did everything as promised in a professional manner.

We liked working with Better Air NW from the first phone call until the process was finished. They made it simple and affordable, with no down-payment needed up front in order to work up an estimate first. When an ice storm hit, they were in constant contact, making re-scheduling a stress-free process!

This is a good company that delivers a thorough cleaning at a fair price!

Elisabeth Clark

Eric and Alex were professional, informative and quick. They explained what they were doing. They covered their shoes so they didn’t tract in dirt on my floors. Very personable. We had other contractors working at the same time and they moved around them with no interruption to anyone’s work. The office ladies were friendly and knowledgeable when I made the appointment. Highly recommend Better Air Northwest.

Jane A

I highly recommend Better Air NW. They cleaned out my duct work and furnace and did a great job. They explained the procedure and were friendly and polite, being sure to take of their shoes whenever they were in the house. They even show you at the end of the service all the stuff they got out of your HVAC system and photos of the newly cleaned vents.

Evy Cowan

I highly recommend these guys. Bo and Jake cleaned all the vents and removed a ton of dust and debris. Very professional job, highly recommended.

Norm Green

Allan and Jeremy cleaned our dryer vent efficiently and were very friendly and professional. We are new homeowners and had never had the vent cleaned before. We learned how important it is to do annually and will be calling Better Air Northwest for that every year. I feel great knowing our home is safe and our dryer will work better too.

Sophie Biddle

Bo and Jake were professional and knowledgeable. They tirelessly answered all my questions, worked around my dogs, and cleaned the work area before they left. Thank you so much!

Cheryl Tipton

After a flood and a series of broken pipes took down most of our ducting the owner Matt came out for a free estimate for our property mgmt company. Instead he ended up down in the crawl space working on our sump pump even though it wasn’t part of his job, he just wanted to get us a working house again.

His team that came after to do the duct removal/replacement was equally as professional, courteous, and hard working.

Jake and Zach were awesome, and they were the only contractors though this experience that took care to protect our floors and clean up after themselves thoroughly.

I’ve worked in restoration and dealt with contractors in hvac, plumbing, electrical, drywall, etc. Better Air NW are some of the best, hands down.

Would give more than 5 stars if I could.

Ethan McClelland

Bo and Jake G were very professional and explained their process quite well. They cleaned up after them selves and let me know if I had any questions to just ask them. Great service I would recommend to others.


Jake and Andrew came and did the usual great job from Better Air Northwest. Thank you both for a job well done.

Richard LeBlanc

Better Air Northwest cleans the air ducts once a year. They do a good job. The house smells cleaner. I am mold sensitive and mold grows on the dust in the HVAC ducts. They show up on time. They clean the ducts. They leave the house clean when they’re finished. I recommend them to anyone.

Carolyn McMakin

Kody and Lucas showed up early and stayed until they were able to complete the job to their exacting specifications. They explained all the steps that they were doing along the process, and we are thoroughly pleased with both of their efforts on a job well done!

Jonathan Stine & Shannon Dahl

The service I received from Better Air Northwest was OUTSTANDING! The men, who came to our home were respectful, answered any questions or concerns, worked steadily in a timely manner and left the area around each duct thoroughly clean. Not only do I highly recommend this company but am informing my neighbors of the incredible service received. If I could give them 10 stars, I would do it!

Arlene Banner

Jeremy and Allan did an amazing job.
Very professional and answered all the questions we had. They took great care of our stuff and were very thorough.
Heavily recommend these tow for all your duct work and dryer vent cleaning works.

Millie and John

Showed up on time. Polite and considerate. Careful with our stuff. Put in the extra effort to make sure everything working or in this case help with a cost estimate for repairs as well.

Seemed to take pride in their work and their service.

Bart B Phillips

We were very pleased with Alex and Johnny who provided the service. Explained the whole process and kept us informed as to the progress. Ensured that anything that wasn’t covered in initial walk through was explained before continuing.
Would recommend them for your duct cleaning needs.
Very careful and ensured things were neat and clean when they finished.

Steve Cook

The high level review is that Allan and Jeremy did an excellent job! We received a call in advance of scheduled arrival time and they started the work as planned. They fully explained the cleaning process–including the vacuuming with filters–after reviewing our duct locations and heating system. We got before pictures and after pictures of the cleaned ducts, and they went to extra effort to clean and reconnect the dryer exhaust line that had separated at a bend prior to reaching the external vent. We plan to get the service again every 3-5 years to keep our home air quality at it’s best!

Elaine Wilkerson

Thank you for your service.
When I called, the job was scheduled in a quick & timely manner.
Josh & Andres showed up as scheduled and I was extremely happy with them. They were polite and informative as to what they would be doing & how long that it would take. They were considerate about cleaning up before they left and very friendly. I would recommend your company to anyone.
Thanks Josh & Andres for a job well done!

Beverly Miles

We bought our house in the summer, and wanted to have the ducts cleaned. Better Air Northwest was recommended to us by our Energy Auditor (Revival Heating & Cooling).
The team was Jeremy and Jake.
They arrived within the projected window
They called to let us know when they would arrive.
They were friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable.
They explained what they would be doing before hand
Our ducts had apparently never been cleaned, so they cut holes in the two air paths for the furnace (return and heated air). They did a neat job and sealed them up well afterward.
They did a thorough job cleaning the ducts, removing a great deal of accumulated dirt.
They did a thorough job cleaning our dryer vent as well.
They cleaned up well after they were finished.
I found their work to be well worth the price.

Alvin C Steele

We recently had a new HVAC installed so wanted to have our ducts cleaned as well. Our HVAC installer recommended Better Air Northwest and we are glad he did. Andrew and Alec arrived on time and did an excellent job. As part of their prep, they explained each step of their process to me which I really appreciated. They were very professional, considerate and careful in executing their work; and their cleanup upon completion was impeccable. I highly recommend them and their company.

Terri Williams

Jason and James cleaned out our ducts returns and supply air and dryer vents. Explained the cleaning process before begun working. Friendly staff and works diligently. Most definitely will hire them again.

Sam V

Jeremy and Jake came out to clean our ducts and dryer vent. The process was explained that was easily understood before they started. Had a concern about the dryer vent, due to a recent remodel. Very satisfied with the way they handled that. Very comfortable with Jeremy and Jake in our home. Would highly recommend Better Air Northwest.

Gerald Stadey

We would like to commend Bo and John for the great job. They arrived on time; very careful to prepare all the vents and explain each step of their process.
Their cleanup was spotless; we appreciated their professionalism and would highly recommended them both,

Diane Bender/Stan Nelsen

Jason and James arrived on time and did a great job. I highly recommend Better Air Northwest for duct cleaning!

Brad Maas

My daughter recommended Better Air Northwest and I am so happy with your service. I have much better air quality in my house now.

The technicians, Joe R. and Sydnee, were so professional and helpful in explaining what they would doing. I liked the fact that they vacuum down each vent 5ft and then use a special machine to scour the vents and suck out the debris.

A special thank you to Joe who noticed my furnace panel was not secured properly and heat was escaping. He screwed in the panel and taped around it. He also found a mysterious filter in a heat duct where it wasn’t supposed to be.

I might mention that we have never had duct cleaning so 50 years of dust, dirt and pet fur was unbelievable!

Thanks so much to Better Air Northwest and their excellent technicians. Sue M

susan mowery

Hunter and John were absolutely outstanding in installing the bathroom ducts and cleaning afterwards. i highly recommend them.

Patricia Brady

My house is 22 yrs old, and I’d never had the air ducts or the dryer vent cleaned. The team that came out to clean the house air ducts and the dryer vent was on time, very courteous, kept the house clean as they went, and explained what was going to happen and why. I have a puppy so they were extra careful to not leave the door open so she’d get out. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to have their house air ducts cleaned.

Jan R

Ten out of ten will use this company again.

Karen McDaniel

Eric was the technician and was very helpful. He went above and beyond with the service he provided. Also, the female receptionist listened to the issues and was able to provide same day appointment. Overall GREAT company!


Bo and Alex were very professional, nice, and walked us through the entire process. It was amazing how much stuff came out of our duct system and dryer vent. Good wake up call to do both far more often.

Marilyn Shaw

Andrew and Alec did a great job cleaning out my air ducts and dryer vent after a recent “refresh” of our home. They were timely, professional and explained everything they were doing along the way. I highly recommend this company.
I’m rating them 5 stars!

Janet H

Jason did a great job of coming up with an elegant solution quickly. Jack T and Edgar C did a very nice installation. Looks like they all work together well and deliver on time exactly as promised. It’s a load off my mind!

William Turner

This was my first experience with duct cleaning and professional dryer vent cleaning. My HVAC company recommended Better Air Northwest. Joe and Sydnee arrived on time and were very thorough in explaining the process and what to expect. They were both friendly and professional and careful of my home. When they were through they vacuumed up after themselves and showed me what had come out of the ducts and dryer vent. I would definitely recommend them and will use them again in the future.

J Wood

We had Jeremy and Jake out to clean our ducts. They did an amazing job, and were so friendly. They had an extra long day that day and still did a very thorough job on our ducts. I also was quite happy with how respectful of our house they were. Booties inside and took great care of the baseboards. After they were finished they even vacuumed up to make sure there was no dirt or dust left. Who does that?. From now on I will use nobody else but them.

Bill ingenthron

I just had Jason and Jordan over to clear my heating ducts and dryer vent on my 30 year old house. They arrived on time (early!), were totally professional from start to finish, and I am delighted with the experience. 5 stars.

David Ruttan

This was my first duct cleaning and i did not know what to expect. The technicians were prompt, efficient and exceptionally nice. They were very clean and even vacuumed after they were done. I would recommend them to anyone!

trudi K orr

We had a great experience working with Better Air Northwest. Andrew and Alec were very professional, friendly and informative as they performed the job of cleaning our ducts, returns, dryer vent and also installed a new furnace filter that we had on site.
We would highly recommend this company, they were a pleasure to work with.

Molly Baggao

Wow! Our current HVAC referred Better Air Northwest (also a family owned business) and we are so happy to have found Better Air Northwest.

Andrew and Alec explained the job thoroughly to us before starting. They even put up with our very enthusiastic dog! I loved how educational they were too – I learned so much about the process that the next next day, after the service, I dusted the entire house. Knowledgeable, easy going, efficient, respectful and so friendly. These qualities are important to us when people are coming into our home to work.

Lynn helped with setting the appointment and she answered every question I had via email response. I’m not sure if she works 24-7 because she responded so quickly.

Small, locally owned family business’s are the best and hard to find!

Better Air Northwest is a gem. There’s not enough stars to rate them.

Thank you for all your dedication and work.


Anthony and John did a wonderful job – the air feels wonderful coming out of our ducts since they cleaned them. They even installed a new filter that I had stored downstairs. A & J were thoughtful and kind visitors to our home, taking care of our things, carefully covering the ducts to keep them clean and vacuuming up behind them. I still mask indoors because I take care of my dad, and when I asked they immediately put on good quality masks.

They even humored and charmed our fierce little dog by saying sweet things to her and not minding when she tried to shake them down for treats or defended the couch.

Our dog changed her tune at the end from protector of the couch to seeing Anthony and John as heroic vanquishers of the scary basement HVAC monster of her doggy nightmares. As John left, she even tried to follow him on his way out.

Jen Gwirtz

On Tuesday morning, Bo and Alex showed up to do duct and dryer vent cleaning on my property. They called and texted to give us a heads up prior to their arrival.
I spoke with Bo prior to them getting started with the job. He explained everything that they were going to do and how they were going to do it. I asked him how long it would take. He told me approximately two hours and it took about exactly 2 hours.
They cleaned everything up before they left, and it was a great experience.

Marvin Nelson

Thank you Jason for your utmost professionalism and knowledge on air duct cleaning. I will refer all my friends, colleagues and neighbors to ask for you specifically when having their air ducts serviced.

Thomas Ellis

We just got our ducts cleaned by the best team. Joe & Sydnee were very professionals, efficient and courteous team. They were thorough in explaining what their job will be and how long will it take them to finish. Cleaned after themselves when done and were very friendly throw out their
visit. We felt very fine and comfortable working with their noisy machines around us!!

It is been our first experience with the duct cleaning and very glade to know that you guys are out there.

S. Mohamed

Just had my ducts cleaned for the first time as a new home owner. Hendricks HVAC referred me to your company, and I can’t thank them enough. I got great service from Hendricks HVAC, and excellent service from Lucas and Jonnie. These guys make a great team. They were very professional, thoughtful, and thorough! As a new home owner, I am always learning something new about how to maintain my systems, and Jonnie informed me about disposable furnace filters I should be using, which I will purchase as recommended from filterbuy.com. I will definitely be calling you again for cleaning again in 3 years. Thank you! Honey

Honey Marques

Jeremy and Jake called in advance of arrival and arrived on time. They did a very thorough duct cleaning and were glad to answer all my silly questions. I would not hesitate to call them again although I hope not to need another cleaning for another 40 years!

Cal Diller

Andrew and Alec could not possibly have been better. Clean, efficient, ready to answer all our questions.. in all, the model of what a service call should be like.

Christopher Ames

Easy to make an appointment, friendly, courteous, accommodating and answered questions completely. Anthony and John arrived at appointee time, organized and ready to go. Again, expert communication with attention to detail, thorough, and went beyond expectations that were exhibited throughout the entire job. What a difference in just one day!! My allergies have subsided, FINALLY! FINALLY! I cannot thank you enough and you certainly deserve credit for a job well done. I highly recommend your service. 5 stars *****

M Pruitt

The ductwork in our older home had been improperly installed, coming apart at several joints and having big loops in other spots. Rats had gotten into our crawlspace, causing damage and then dying. The smell was beyond terrible. A repair was urgently needed, so our furnace installer recommended Better Air Northwest.

Eric the Estimator went under the house to inspect, showed us photos of the problems, and explained every step of the repair process. He took time to address our questions and sent us three estimates so that we could choose the degree of repair/cost we wanted.

On our scheduled repair day, Jack was here promptly at 7:30am, friendly and eager to start work. He removed all the old ductwork and debris. A little later Jordan arrived and, working as an efficient team, they got our system up and running around noon. How glorious to have some central heat after 2 weeks of 30 degree nights and 40 degree days! They then installed the new vapor barrier, replaced everything, and cleaned up nicely. Before leaving, they showed me pictures of what the crawlspace looks like now. It looks neat, clean, and not at all scary. They were both such pleasant and hard-working guys who clearly took a lot of pride in their work.

So now the duct system is fixed and sanitized, and fresh air is flowing. Our home feels warm and rat-free, smelling clean with no odors. It’s wonderful!

I highly recommend Better Air NW for the quality of their products and work ethics of their team. Thank you Jack and Jordan, you made someone extra happy yesterday.

Lynee Phelps

Anthony and John were professional, efficient and courteous. They explained every step they were taking in clearing our vents and answered every question in a helpful manner. We are very happy with the service provided and will be referring this company to our friends and family.

Thank you!

Joaquin Basauri

I recommend Better NW highly! They are reliable, efficient, prompt, and stand by their work. I am very very happy with their service!

Barbara Barbour

We needed our dryer duct cleaned. Andrew and Alec were great. They were professional, got a lot of material removed, cleaned up really well, and did it all for the price we expected. This is a really good company. Five Stars!

Steven K

Very professional and knowledgeable. Nice guys. Kept the house clean while working, including wearing booties. Liked my dog.

Nanette Newell

On time, great follow through, friendly.
Thank you Lucas and Johnny

Dennis and Louise

Dennis Simpson

Andrew and Alex were awesome and did a great job cleaning out our ducts and vents and explaining the process along the way. Extremely easy to schedule and work with, we will definitely recommend the service to our friends. Awesome job!

lyndon beckner

This is the second time we have used Better Air Northwest in the past year because we used them on our previous home and when we moved to our new home, they were one of the first companies we called as our newer home needed some love. Andrew and Alec were right on time, very pleasant and went the extra mile to help get our ducts cleaned. It just feels like a much cleaner home now as we are acclimating to our new surroundings. Our experience with Better Air Northwest has been exceptional both times we have used and them and we will easily refer them and use them again in a few years when we get our ducts cleaned again.

Mike and Laurie Sheffield

Jason, Alex and Juan came to my home for the duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning. Unfortunately this proved to be a much needed service and took a fair bit longer than anticipated. Due to the length of time required the work was still going on during a scheduled real estate home showing. They were committed to finishing the job and not cutting corners and made sure to clean up as they worked. I was so impressed by their professionalism and integrity that I was comfortable leaving them to finish the job while I left during the home viewing. I returned to find they had just completed the work and I was very pleased to see all the dirt , dust and debris removed from the ventilation system. Thank you for a job well done!

Lynn Ainley

Could not have been more pleased with the work by Bo and Lucas on cleaning our duct work throughout our home. They were professional, courteous and very cordial throughout the process. They explained the full process and when they found our air flow was only coming from our attic area, they fixed the issue to make certain we were getting the air flow from outside. They made certain the area’s throughout our home were as clean when they left as they were upon arrival. We most certainly would highly recommend Better Air Northwest and will be recontacting them in the future.

Thank you for a great job!

Jim & Linda Saunders

I have always been skeptical of duct cleaning, but I am a fan now. Alec and Andrew systematically and thoroughly cleaned out our ducts. I now highly recommend that all pet owners get their ducts cleaned every couple years. Thank you for the professional and courteous service!

Kathleen Jung

This has been the 2nd year we have used Better Air’s Services. We will continue to work with them more and more. They are professional, friendly, {Bo and Lucas from the Battle Ground Store showed up on time ready to work. they explain things when needed and were fast and thorough. Use and talk to these people. They genuinely are a fantastic service. Eight out of Five Stars!!!!

Brad Shaw

Bo and Lucas just left after duct cleaning my 51 yr old home. 1st time getting ducts cleaned. Wow! What great, professional service I received. They were personable, courteous, knowledgeable and explained the process as they went. I applaud them and thank you! My house absolutely feels lighter and cleaner!

Cindy Davis

Alex and Andrew were here today promptly at 7:30am, friendly and eager to start work. The ductwork in my new home has not been cleaned in many years. We were having issues with allergies, sneezing and odors. The cleaning was urgent. Alex and Andrew explained every step of the process during a walk thru of the house. They took time to address our questions. Working as an efficient team, they problem solved the particular issues with cleaning our older duct system. They finished on time, replaced everything and cleaned up before leaving. After the duct system was sanitized and fresh air flowing, my home feels lent and dust free, smelling clean and no odors. I have not sneezed once since the work was done. Amazing!! I recommend Better Air NW for the quality of their products and work ethics of their team. Thank you Alex and Andrew, well done.

Bev Cordova

After reading lots of positive reviews I contacted Better Air Northwest and they didn’t disappoint. Anthony and John arrived yesterday, walked the house with me to identify the ducts, and got right to work. They answered all of my questions and even offered to work in another area so as not to interrupt my virtual meeting. Our heat is blowing freely (now that pounds of dog hair, construction dust, and a hunk of wood (!) have been removed from our ducts). I appreciate Anthony & John’s attention to detail and was impressed that they walked the house after the cleaning to vacuum around every vent and ensure everything was as they found it. See you again in 5 years or so!

Melissa B

We were in need of a much over-due duct cleaning and were able to schedule within a week. Lynn was very pleasant and professional as she explained the scheduling, pricing and process over the phone.
We really appreciated how thoroughly Jason explained every step of the process as he and Mason efficiently worked their way through our home.
Overall, very satisfied with their work!

Sandra Stenberg

The customer service was excellent and the job was completed quickly and painlessly. Thanks, Anthony 2.0 and Jeremiah!

Amy Mullins

The service was efficient and done with a smile. The process was explained and the staff was friendly and very polite. You should be very proud. Anthony and Jeremiah are definitely keepers.

Jean Tompkins

We had a very good experience with Better Air Northwest recently when we had our air ducts and dryer vent cleaned. Bo and Juan F. were very professional, explained the cleaning process and answered all our questions. They were very polite, efficient and shared before and after pictures with me during the process, which were very helpful. We will definitely use Better Air Northwest in future and we strongly recommend them to anyone else who needs their air ducts and dryer vents cleaned.

Martin Jeffrey Binns

Wow! We recently moved into a 1974 home, and replaced the furnace and a/c. Both of us suffer from environmental allergies so we elected to have ducts cleaned to ensure clean air is circulating our new to us home. We were shocked at how filthy Better Air Northwest found our system to be. The photos provided to us speak for themselves – years of nasty dust build up and misc. debris were being housed inside the ductwork. Our lead, Jason carefully explained the process, and timeline. Both he and Mason were efficient, thorough, and provided excellent service. We don’t hesitate to encourage this type of service for your home, and even better if you can score these two to do the work. Grateful and breathing easily.

L. Krey

We were very happy with the service Better Air NW provided at our Felida Home. Allen and Andreas were both courteous and professional during the cleaning of both the heating and dryer ducts. We will definitely use Better Air for any further duct issues.

Craig Shambaugh

Bo and Juan F. arrived on time to clean our furnace air ducts and dryer vent. They were very courteous and completed the cleaning in little more than an hour. All cleanup was thorough. I strongly recommend their work!

James Richards

We are upgrading our HVAC to a heat pump. Area Heating sent a team from Better Air to 1, check the air pressure in our duct system, and 2, clean the ductwork. They arrived on time, couldn’t have been more considerate of our home and privacy, and kept us informed at every step of the process. The pressure check showed we were losing 30% of the system’s air. By crawling into the (very tight) crawlspace under the house, Edgar discovered that one of the air ducts had become detached from its vent box. He fixed it on the spot.

Bo, Edgar and Juan F. from Better Air were superb. I was so impressed and grateful for the Better Air Northwest team’s service and work that I baked them chocolate chip cookies. I don’t do that for just anybody.

Susan Edwards

Alan and Lucas were excellent techs when cleaning the ducts in my home. They cleaned up everything before they left. I would recommend Better Air to anyone looking for duct cleaning.

Patricia Larson

We give Better Air Northwest a 10 star rating. They were fantastic! Jason and Mason did a very professional job and left everything clean and orderly.

Carol Brown

I recently moved into my new home and wanted to have my ducts cleaned along with my dryer vents. The Better Air Northwest team came in and did a very thorough job. The team was very professional and conscientious of the property. It gives me peace of mind to know that my ducts and vents are cleaned.


Joe and Andreas were our service techs. Outstanding guys and the best team to represent Better Air Northwest. They were on time, very polite, and explained everything they were going to do and how they do it. I couldn’t be more happy to write this review. They did a great job and obviously enjoy what they do. I highly recommend this company and if you’re lucky enough to get Joe and Andreas, it’s even that much better. Thanks guys.

Ron Clark

Having Better Air Northwest clean our home air ducts was one of the best in-home services we have experienced in Vancouver. Andrew and Lucas were extremely friendly and helpful throughout the entire process. They showed us how their equipment worked and what the process entailed. Their work was thorough and a tremendous amount of dirt, dust, and debris (which they also showed us) was removed from the air ducts. We would recommend them highly and plan to use them again for the next cleaning.

Steven Pinney

Thanks to Jack T and Josh G for their professional and polite service! I would recommend Better Air Northwest, as their service exceeded our expectations.

Shellee Miles

Joe and Andres came out to service the HVAC of our recently purchased home. They arrived right on time, were polite, explained what they were doing, and provided photos of each step, before and after. They were thorough and didn’t rush though any of the steps for cleaning and sanitizing the entire system. These guys know their stuff!

We were very satisfied with their service, and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone we know!

And as a side note… Do not put off getting your system cleaned. What we found in ours, a recently purchased home, was pretty awful…

Denise Woolsey

The professional and efficiency you displayed during your work is outstanding way of showing how you work for an excellent company. I appreciated the fact that you took pictures and explained what the process has done to make my ac ducts cleaned and like new again. Happy to have heard that you enjoy the job and that the company takes care of their employees which shows in the work you perform. I think you deserve more than just a 5-star rating. Keep up the good work!

Allan Perreira

Had the estimator come out to survey the damage done to my heating ducts in the crawl space. He supplied me with picture and estimate to repair. Typical for any company that wants your business.
Now for the reason they exceed most companies. They (2 men) showed up on the scheduled time, covered the floor in the work area. Proceeded to crawl under the house and replace the damaged ducts. They found 3 other areas of ducts that were NOT originally located by the estimator. My thought was, “OK, here comes the big add-on.” But to my surprise, they took care of the repair, and my price didn’t change. I didn’t think those companies were around anymore. Honest, fair and true to their word. I definitely will use them again, and shout from the roof top how good they are.
This is a family business. Blake, Jack and Josh were the men at my house. Friendly, and in my opinion, trust worth enough to leave the house while they do their work.
Was their price competitive with other companies? Honestly, I don’t know. But they came recommended by a personal friend. If he recommends a company, take it to the bank. He has never steered me wrong.

Wallace Pat Ruppel

Really happy with the crew and the way they went about the job they were doing, very professional and friendly..
Never thought much about duct cleaning but after seeing what was cleaned out made me glad it was done..
I’m not a review type person usually but I will certainly recommend Better Air Northwest they did a great job !!

Glen Johnson

What a great company and experience. I scheduled my appointment with Lynn and she was very kind and professional. I got my appointment scheduled within two days due to a cancellation. Allan & Jordon arrived right on time at 7:30am. Allan called when they were enroute, so really appreciated that. They were very kind and considerate. They explained exactly what they would be doing and where. They were neat and clean and either took their shoes off or wore shoe covers. They were here for over 3 hours and did an exceptional job. I saw the before and after pictures, as well as the filters on their machine. We have lived here for 28 years and are the original owners. We only had the ducts cleaned once many years ago. Now, the house just feels and smells cleaner. So happy to have it done before going into the cold months when doors and windows have to be closed and no real “fresh air”. Thank you all for great customer service, professionalism, and the thorough cleaning you did on the air ducts. I will be recommending your company to others!

Patty Graves

After installing a new set of AC and Heating system, the HVAC company referred “Better Air Northwest” to do the air duck cleaning for my house today. Their a team of FOUR came with two vans with all the tools and equipment arrived at 7:30AM SHARP as it was scheduled. After introducing themselves, they detailed their cleaning process to me what they would do and what I can expect. They are very professional, courteous and friendly people. With their advanced equipment, they spent SOLID THREE PLUS Hours doing the whole house cleaning. They showed me the picture results taken before and after the cleaning. I am very impressed. To be honest with myself, they are the best duck cleaning job I have ever had. As an asthma patient, I am very grateful for their job well done. Thank you Better Air Northwest ! Keep up your good work. I will have you come to do my laundry dryer cleaning next year. See you then!

John S.

We were so pleased with the air duct cleaning from Better Air Northwest! Jason and Lucas were so pleasant and professional, explained every step of the process clearly, and cleaned up completely before leaving. They worked around the guys and their equipment who showed up (early) to spray insulation into the attic, telling me cheerfully that it was no big deal. We will certainly use this company again and pass their name along to friends. Definitely a 5 Star experience!

Claudia Pulliam

This is the second time I have hired Better Air Northwest. Communication prior and during the service was fantastic. They arrived on time. Very professional. Took the time to share what they were going to do and why and kept me informed throughout the whole cleaning. The two techs were very kind and great at their job. I recommend this company – it is top notch!

Liz Carlson

We chose these folks after researching 10 companies, requesting 7 bids/quotes, and hearing back from 3. Their bid was well within the range of others we received, and their scheduling was very timely (one other bid had a 4-week waiting list). We were able to schedule within one week of bid acceptance.

Jeremy and Jonathan showed up on time, gave a very good explanation of their process and time involved, and were able to answer all of our questions, Once they went to work, they were very thorough, timely, and appeared to be a well-organized team. The entire process took maybe three hours, and we were very satisfied with the job.

We give this organization our highest recommendation!

Randy and Roberta Schlechter

Randy and Roberta Schlechter

This company was fast & efficient. We are renting currently and I’m pretty sure the dryer vents had never been cleaned. Now I can dry a load in 30min~ they were respectful and even came on time to the scheduled time slot~ let’s be honest that rarely happens!
Would definitely use them again in the future!

Darlene Kalawe

We had all our heat ducts and dryer ducts cleaned by Jason and Lucas yesterday. They did a great job. They show up on time according to the schedule and were professional on the job and give me expert advice the type of filter to purchase, cleaned everything up perfectly and were very personable as well. We are very pleased to have this job completed and would recommend Better Air NW absolutely. Thank you Lucas and Jason

Kenneth Cheung

We had all our heat ducts and dryer ducts cleaned by Jason and Lucas. They did a fabulous job. They were quiet and efficient, cleaned everything up perfectly and were very personable as well. We are very pleased to have this job completed and would recommend Better Air NW absolutely. Thank you Lucas and Jason

Peg O’Rourke

I can’t say enough good things about this company and the techs Allan and Andre’s. They were super efficient and knowledgeable. They taught me a lot with good helpful suggestions. This is second time they have cleaned my ducts and I never want any other company!.


Better Air NW just cleaned eight dryer ducts in a multi-family condo association. They did an amazing job from arriving on time with a 3-man crew to how thoroughly they cleaned all the ducts including several difficult and dirty ducts. Their very competent team did both upper and lower units with dryer vents on the roof for the upper units. Making the appointment to fit all the homeowner schedules was extremely easy thanks to Lynn and Kayla in the office. I highly recommend this company and this team; Blake, Jason, and Lucas. I will be using Better Air NW for more condos in this complex as we are not done yet!

Kirki C.

8/16/23 Bo and Juan did a wonderful job of cleaning the house ducts and the dryer vent. They even cleaned out dryer vent at no extra charge. Bo educated me about their methods as they proceeded through the house. They were efficient, thorough, professional, and personable; a great combination.
I highly recommend them.
Louise N.

Louise Neilson

Joe Anthony (2.0?) and another fellow came out to do clean our HVAC system. They were on time, polite, great communicators, both of them. They cleaned out our HVAC; cleaned out our laundry vent, and the the BIG one, cleaned out bird nests from attic vents on the outside of the house. It was amazing to see how the much grass and twigs the birds had stuffed in there over the years. As far as prevention, they also installed four vent covers so the birds cannot nest again next spring- or hopefully, ever again.
We are very pleased with the technicians, communication with the office to set up the appointment, and the service itself. We highly recommend Better Air Northwest!

Kiyoko Julyk

Tason and Lucas arrived on time today to clean our duct. They did a great job, definitely I would recommend their service to my friends.

G Ho

08/10/23 Wonderful service! Eric was our initial contact, friendly and informative. We opted to have our ductwork replaced. Jack and Joshua did the whole job in a day and half. They were both super friendly and kept us updated on the status of the job. Great job guys, thank you!

C Pix

This is the second time they’ve cleaned my dryer vent. Always do a great job and address any problems or questions quickly. Also fun to talk to. Highly recommend this company.

Melanie Quick

We can’t say enough good about Joe and Anthony. They were friendly, showed us everything they were doing step by step, and left us with clean furnace ducts and a clean smelling house. Highly recommended.

Andy and Kim

Had Better Air Northwest do dryer vent cleaning twice, & both times it was a good experience.

Vince Inzerillo

This was a great experience thanks to the 2 workers (Jack T. and Josh G.). They were friendly, constantly updating us about what they were doing and what was found and left the work areas very clean. Thus was our first time using this type of service and it couldn’t have been a better experience!

Thank You!!

Lou F

Glad betterairnorthwest was the company that cleaned my ductwork. Jonathan and Jeremy were great at explaining what they were going to do before they started. They even made an adjustment in my attic for me as arthritis will not let me get up there any longer. Very kind young men to an old lady.

Rosalie Smith

These guys did a great job! They were on time, they completed the entire dryer vent cleaning in about 30 minutes, and they were super friendly and professional. Very happy with the service, and I’ve already sent their name to two of my friends!

Bethany Smith

I had my airducts cleaned on 7/31/2023 at 3pm at 14204 NE 102nd St. Vancouver, WA. I’m very happy with the job the crew did. It was Joe Rhode, Anthony and Edgar. These guys were so respectful and explained the things they were doing. I appreciate their hard work and they were very courteous and polite. They are truly an asset to your company. Thank you for the great service.

Fran Dempsey

Frances J Dempsey

We had Joe and Anthony 2.0 here this morning. We just moved in and our home is only 5 years old but the duct system was never cleaned after it was built. The young men did an excellent job. They were courteous, professional, fast and informative. Our system still had some drywall particles and a ton of dust from the initial build in the system. They showed us the results when they were done it was well worth the expense to have this cleaning performed. I would recommend this company and this team to anyone.
Thank you gentlemen.

Scott Bisch

Thank you so much fir the fabulous service on my furnace, the team was efficient and clean and respectful of my space.
Nothing but great things to say here!

I’m a real estate agent and I will always use this company!!

Wendy Wilson Broker

Wendy Wilson

Better Air Northwest did a great job of cleaning out all the air ducts and the dryer vent. I am happy knowing all is cleared out. The techs were wonderful – very thorough and explained everything along the way. I’d definitely recommend Better Air Northwest!

Marnie Faust

I had called around to many places to have my dryer ducts cleaned but was unable to find anyone due to the height of my condo (three stories). This company was recommended by another company because they were unable to complete the work.I am so glad I called them. I spoke with Melissa Sprowls to set up the appointment, she was very nice and answered all of my questions, she assured me they had a high enough ladder to do the job, and set up an appointment for me that same week. On service day, the technicians contacted me that they were on their way and they came right on time for which they were scheduled and I did not have to wait around all day. The technicians were very quick and thorough and my dryer works great now! I highly recommend this company and if I ever need any Air Duct cleaning again I will for sure pick them. Thanks you Better Air Northwest!

Charo Johnson

Everything was top notch! The representative on the phone when I called to inquire about their services, the two Pros, Hunter and Jake, who arrived to the minute of my appointment time and the friendly, professional manner with which all of the above imbodied. Their pricing is a flat rate, dependent on square footage which was comforting as I went into it knowing exactly how much I would be paying, without any ‘surprises’ after the job was finished.
As a side perk, I also had a necklace returned to me that my dryer had eaten.
Thank you so much for the great work!

Amy Beth Jacobsen

We recently had our home air ducts cleaned. Jack T. and Josh G. were friendly, professional, thorough and hard-working. Plus they did a great job cleaning up afterwards. We are very happy with the service they provided and will definitely call again in 3-5 years when our next service is due.

Ellen Jones

5 stars!!! Jake and Andrew were amazing. Thorough, thoughtful, educational, super aware of their impact (I was working from home) and friendly! They even showed our dog some love. I really appreciated how professional and how kind they were.

Plus scheduling was incredibly easy and fast. The team who runs that part of the business gave me quick and accurate information which allowed me to get scheduled asap. And they were also super kind.

Highly recommend and will use again in 3-5 years when my next service is due.

Ashlie J

These guys were awesome! Jack was super friendly and professional. Josh was great, too. They obviously take a lot of pride in their work, showing us many before and after shots of the ducts and filters. We would definitely hire them again.

Anna Haagenson



Jack T and Josh G did a great job replacing the ducting in my crawl space. They arrived on time, completed the job in record time and kept me updated through out the process. The price was significantly less than the other estimates I received.
I highly recommend Better Air Northwest!!

Cheryl Mulkey

A year or so ago I had my dryer vent cleaned by these people and was impressed by the fact that at no charge replaced the vent hose and didn’t charge for it. I kept their,, number because I said I would try them for my whole house central air cleaning which another company had done a few years ago. They called me on the day of about 45 minutes before they were due and said they would be late by 15 mins. No problem as I hadn’t made it home yet. Jeremy & Andrew arrived as scheduled and after introductions started to tell me what was going to be done and I said fine let’s go. After awhile the supervisor showed up and told me who he was and talked for a bit and left. They told me everything that they were doing as they did it and I was impressed to say the least. They were also mindful of my three cats in my household and really watched out that they would not get in the way. each step was told to me and I had no questions about what they were during. Enough rambling about this I have to say very professional as they went about their job. After the job they vacuumed up and left my house the way they found it. they even cleaned out my dryer vent. Point is very professional and through, I couldn’t ask for anything better. Thank you to two great employee’s and the company have in hired them! I will be using Better Air Northwest again when needed and urge everyone to give them a try

Robert George

Joe and Anthony were truly great to work with. I wish both of them the best. They deserve kudos from their management.

Farhad Banisadr

Better Air Northwest is an outstanding company with the most skilled and professional staff. Jack T. and Josh G. were the two who replaced ducts and did maintenance in my crawl space. Both were outstanding, respectful people who always kept me informed of what they were doing, performed the work to perfection, and left my home absolutely spotless. They were incredibly hard working and always asked me if there was anything else I needed them to do. A company is only as good as the people within the company and all the people at Better Air Northwest are outstanding!

Andy Davis

We had a wonderful experience with the entire team. Bo, Edgar, and Juan showed up on time and went right to work. It is a joy to see young men who work hard, pay attention to detail, are respectful of both people and property, and are committed to providing the best outcome possible.

We would not hesitate to use them again or to recommend them to others. In fact, we already had several neighbors and friends ask for their contact information based our our positive reports to them on a job well done.

Howard Turner


We were very happy with the duct cleaning service we received yesterday. The technicians, Jake L, Andrew R, Justin S. and Lucas N. provided above and beyond excellent customer service.
They were very professional, efficient, with attention to detail. They were all very friendly, courteous and informative always with a smile!
We will be happy to refer you in the future!

Thank You!
Don and Betty Webberley

Donald Webberley and Betty Webberley

this was the only business we could work on upper floors! The men did a wonderful job! Good workers,! Thanks!

Raymond Ayala

Your guys were here early (after calling to confirm it was OK) and did a fine job. We’ll have them back for sure.

Mike Descamp

Allan and Andreas are very polite and professional. Allan explained the entire process clearly and were very efficient.
They both are very jovial and social persons.
Great job!

Jacques Vaillancourt

Thank You so much for the well done job.
1. They could not have been kinder of more considerate to my dogs that felt under siege. I mean these were real dog people. TY
2. I had water damage from an incorrectly installed furnace with many different things going on and different stages of mitigation.
They made me feel at ease even tho I’m still in the throws of PTSD from it all. They were very conscientious about my belongings even tho the master bedroom was a total disaster. They really cared and carefully listened to what was going on in each area.
3. They explained what was going on to me and the steps. When you have been through as much as I have you want to micromanage and there was no need.
I felt safe, my dogs felt safe and I felt my belongings were safe.
It put my mind at ease and I was able to concentrate on other things for the hours they were here.
One of the men was newer and I observed Jason S jumping right in and the extraordinary team work displayed. Honestly, I can’t say enough good things. This was a Paul Davis Restoration hire and it really speaks to the quality of people they bring in as well. So just a huge, gigantic thank you from someone who appreciates your professionalism but most importantly your kindness. Each and everyone of them was super friendly and caring. Great team Jason Sullivan you should be so proud. Joe, Anthony, Jeremiah G and Anthony 2.0 or as I will now refer to them JAJA! 💝

Pamela Clavette

Allan & Andres came down to my medical clinic and performed a fantastic job at cleaning out our air ducts. The whole system runs much quieter and everything feels fresh and clean! Thanks guys!

Mike Silverman

We had Better Air Northwest perform a complete air duct cleaning after having a new furnace installed. Tyler and Jack did a great job! It was the most thorough duct cleaning we have ever had. We were especially appreciative of how they explained the process up front and informed us each step of the way. They provided good old-fashioned, REAL service. We recommend them highly and will call them when it is time for the next duct cleaning.

Rick East

First off scheduling was a breeze, The service technicians Bo and Andrii were right on time and kept us informed on the progress and findings in our home’s heating/AC ventilation system / dryer vent. All completed in a timely manner. excellent experience; I would recommend this company’s services and will use them in the future.

Judy Constans

Alex and Jonathan did an excellent job with our duct cleaning. They showed up as scheduled and explained the whole process and time frame. As the process went along, they kept us updated on what was being done. Once they were done everything was cleaned up like they were never here. They also explained what to expect when turning the system back on. A simple procedure and a pleasant experience. We will have them back when its time!

Derek Pridgeon

As part of having my old gas furnace replaced with an electric heat pump system, I had requested to have all of the ducts and vents cleaned, as I did not know when the previous owner of this house last had this done. Two technicians, Bo and Alec, showed up on May 22, 2023 to perform the cleaning. They were both professional, knowledgeable, and efficient, and performed the cleaning capably. I am very happy with the job they did, and will call on this company again the next time the ducts and vents need to be cleaned. Thank you for a job well done!

(What’s with the mouse/hippo question?)

Wendell H. Kunimura

I had a great experience with Better Air Northwest!! Jason and Alex arrived on time, were very professional, explained the process before beginning, and were able to address all my questions. I was able to see before and after results so the process was very transparent. I would absolutely use them again.

Kathy L Koontz

I contacted Better Air Northwest due to a friend’s recommendation for duct cleaning on our 110 year old home. The enthusiasm and pride in their service was immediately apparent as we discussed and scheduled an appointment. When the two technicians arrived, they were extremely courteous, clearly explained their process, what to expect from them, and were equally passionate as the initial person I encountered on the phone.

We actually had another company scheduled to come previously but upon that company’s arrival, they only expressed barriers about why our particular job was not suited for them, and declined to perform the service. It may have been the age of the house. Better Air had no issues at all with this job, performed the job beautifully, took photos of the duct interior, and showed us the filters and photos before and after the cleaning. Their work was extremely effective and gave us certainty that the job was done well. The technicians maintained their courtesy throughout and showed appreciation for being considered for this job, which incidentally was not expensive compared to other companies to do the same work. I would recommend Better Air Northwest to anyone!

Greg Socolofsky

Anthony, Juan, Jemamia, and Jason all get 5 star ratings! They were hard working, professional, and efficient.

Roy Tally

Allan and Andres were very professional. They called to let us know they were on the way and arrived on time. They were very patient and extremely friendly as they explained how this was going to work and once finished showed us before and after pictures of our vents. They worked quickly and left everything in perfect condition. I would not hesitate to recommend this company and their professional agents Allan and Andres. Thank you. Better Air.

David Newman

Each technician demonstrated excellent professionalism and skills. They even helped us change 2 lightbulbs we can’t use ladders. They also were very careful and thoughtful in how they wore covers on their shoes and did not mark up the wall.. etc!

Highly recommended!

Josephine Agnew-Tally

Jason and Jordan were very professional and efficient in their cleaning of our ducts. They came in and quickly got to work on all our ducts and really new what they were doing. They got in and did all they needed to thoroughly clean our ducts and didn’t try to sell us several different services that weren’t included in the original price like a company we had in the past. Thank You very much!

Ron Manning

Amazing service; the two gentlemen who came to clean out my dryer vent arrived on time, conducted themselves in an extremely professional manner, and got the job done quickly. Despite the fact that I was quite overdue for a vent cleaning, and they removed a tremendous amount of lint, the price I was quoted when I booked the appointment was the price I was charged.
Highly recommend. I will definitely be using them again!

Kathy Griffith

Matt and Edgar repaired my disconnected dryer vent in a very professional and efficient manner. They did an excellent job of explaining to me what they were doing and took before and after pictures so I could keep them for my records. They were friendly and respectful of my time. I would recommend Better Air Northwest for all your air duct cleaning services.

Laurie Andrews

Your team did a very professional and thorough job on our air vents and dryer duct.
Will definitely engage your services again. Thx

Kevin Kwei

We called Better Air Northwest to clean all the air ducts

The communication was outstanding from the first call to the goodbyes after the work was completed.

These guys, Arlen and Andres, were competent, knowledgeable, prompt, polite and professional!

We had the ducts cleaned and included the dryer vent. Every step was explained and we were engaged from the first contact.
They were efficient and did a great job.
Top to bottom these guys are the only ones you’ll need to

Robert Underwood

We recently had some of our wood floors refinished which caused a lot of fine dust so I thought it was time to clean the vents. After researching online, I called Better Air Northwest and had a conversation with Sharon. She gave me a lot of her time and patiently answered all of my questions in a professional and pleasant way. I made the appointment and was told the techs would arrive at 7:30am. Sure enough they called and arrived right on time. Anthony and Ian were pleasant, professional, courteous and explained exactly what they would be doing and went to work. After about 2.5 hours they showed me what they found in the vents and also showed me a few photos. I had them clean my dryer vent also and they even replaced the flap cover without being asked and without charging anything extra. I thought that was just wonderful.

I would HIGHLY recommend Better Air Northwest. Thank you Ian and Anthony for a job well done!!!

Paula Hoiland

Johnathan and Ian were fantastic! They came out on time and did a wonderful job of cleaning our ducts and dryer vent. Great guys who explained everything in detail and made fair recommendations based on their findings with our system, that I believe we will be following through on. Overall a great competitively priced process with excellent results. We will be using their services again in the future to maintain the work they’ve already put in. Thanks for a job well done!

Coleen Bedner

This is the second time we have used Better Air Northwest to clean out the dryer vent at our residence. Our vent duct is over 6 feet long and opens outside, which makes it difficult to clean. I’ve been concerned about critters being able to get in thru the vent from outside into the crawl space. I asked the technicians Bo and Jake about it this year, and they were able to snap a protective cover on the outside opening which would keep mice, etc from getting in, while still allowing good air flow. They had it already in their truck, and there was no charge. They were friendly and got the job done in a short time. I’m not a big review writer, but their expertise and reliability deserves a good review! When it comes time to have our house ducts cleaned, I won’t hesitate to use them either!

Terry Warlick

Joe and Jake were wonderful, cleaning out our ducts. I just purchased the home two months ago, and the ducts had never been cleaned since the HVAC system was installed in 2011. They were filthy, in fact so bad they clogged his industrial HEPA filter vacuum. Within 5 minutes of the vacuum starting, the air already smelled cleaner. By the time it was all done, WOW, is all I can say. They were very thorough, professional and did an amazing job. I would highly recommend their company to anyone!

Todd Erickson

Ian & Jonathan,

This is a Superb Team ! They called to confirm arrival time, informed me of the process, benefits of the procedure. I will request these guys again due to the attention to detail, knowledge & excellent cleaning after the process.

I am impressed with the Culture of this company, all interactions were respectful & focus is quality !

I would give them a true 5/5 stars in all categories.

Thank you,



Ian and Jordan cleaned my HVAC system 2 months ago. I waited to review them to see how well they did. FANTASTIC. Dust build-up in the house is way, way down from before and my allergies are gone! I and my wife really appreciated how thorough and clean they were and how respectful of our house. They laid down tarps everywhere and vacuumed up any remaining dirt from the ducts. Will definitely have Better Air Northwest back in the recommended time period.

Paul Holmes

Jeremiah and Jeremy with Better Air Northwest are outstanding! They are very personable, highly skilled, and handled the job of cleaning our HVAC Ducts very efficiently. They toured the house with us to familiarize themselves with the vent locations. They showed us the nice clean filter that collects all the debris and dust from the ducts as they work through cleaning each section of duct work. During the process the were able to show us some of the large items vacuumed out of the ducts. They also showed us before and after pictures of some of the ducts. Amazing results! They vacuumed the floors in the work areas and moved anything they had to move back in place. Note: We tried to have the areas as clear as possible before their arrival because we did not want them to spend time moving stuff. Jeremiah & Jeremy showed us the filter from the huge vacuum when they finished. It was amazing how much dust, lint, etc. that came out of our ducts. However, we do not believe the ducts were cleaned after the house was built. We are very pleased with the end results and we can tell the air is cleaner. We also had Jeremiah and Jeremy clean our dryer duct. We can highly recommend Better Air Northwest for duct and dryer ducts cleaning.

Bennie Howard

I’m so happy with the job Jason and Andrii did! They came right on time, explained everything they were going to do, did it professionally and quickly, and walked me through the work when they were done. Couldn’t be happier!

Sandra D Elliott

We are very happy with the professionalism of work done by Eric and Lucas. They called ahead and were right on time. Took most of the day and they explained things as they were working. They showed the debris they gathered out of our vents and showed us the filters from both furnaces. We would recommend them very highly.

Janice Simnitt

My house was built in ’79. Heating ducts have never been cleaned. Recently had new gas furnace installed. Edgar, Jason and Lucas did the pressure test and duct cleaning. I couldn’t have asked for a better crew. Showed up on time, great communication and quality service. I’ve never seen this cleaning service done so it was a learning experience for me. They showed me the filter before and after. Pretty dramatic……and to think my family was breathing that air. Yuk!!
Thank you for your professional company and quality team. 5 Star Service!!

R. Bishop

I had a great experience. I try to support small, locally owned or family run businesses. I was pleased to find Better Air Northwest is all of those and had great reviews.

The person I initially spoke with answered all of my questions and offered plenty of information about the cost, scheduling, access/cleaning process and billing.

Jack T. and Tyler H. were on time, friendly, professional, fast, informative and thorough. They explained what they had done and showed me before and after photos. Payment was easy and as agreed upon. They emailed me an invoice with the photos. I will call them again next time my dryer vent needs cleaning.

Rachel Kraemer

Allan and Angel came out to clean our ducts and disinfect them. They were very professional and answered any questions that we had.
Overall just a great job!
Thanks Guys.

Mark Knitz

Thank you so much to Better Air Northwest! We had such a positive experience beginning with one of the owners, Sharon, who took the time to talk with me. Having had a very negative experience with a different company I was very hesitant to book an appointment. She was empathetic, honest and open about the history of the company and the values and integrity that they practice. She put me at ease.

Josh and Andres were warm, communicative and went above and beyond to make sure we received excellent service and results! They were considerate, thorough and confident in their work. I immediately felt a tremendous difference in the air quality of our home. They did a fantastic job. Thank you very much, Better Air Northwest. We are all breathing much easier now and I know I will continue to have positive experiences in the future with your company. I am very thankful and have already shared your name with friends.

Monica DeGroot

Joe and Anthony provided us excellent customer service! They were so friendly and knowledgeable. They took their time to explain the process and went over everything when they were done. They went in our crawl space and repaired 3 ducts that had become disconnected, as well as our cold air return. I told them I would vacuum when they were done, as they had another job to go to, but they insisted on doing it. I couldn’t be more impressed with them! Thank you, Joe, Anthony, and Better Air Northwest for an exceptional job!

Lynne Reynolds

Great experience with Hunter and Jake G came in and knocked out the cleaning in 20 minutes. First time having it done in our house and they cleaned all the yuck.
Much appreciated, we will be recommending Better Air Northwest to all our friends and will use them yearly.

Michael Ditterline

Alan and Angel came early and were the nicest men I’ve met in awhile. They explained the process and worked hard to clean the vents, ducts and cold air return. I am happy with the job they did and will recommend Better Air NW to anyone interested in a clean environment. I woke the next morning without a stuffed up nose so I think it really worked

Diane Burke

Better Air NW was a delight to work with. Very easy to book an appointment and get a firm upfront quote in a phonecall. The technicians, Jason and Andrii were very professional and diligent in what was being done. They explained the process before and during their visit. I have a 1300 sq foot house and they did the house ducts and dryer vent. The visit took a solid 2 hours, and, need I say, they left it cleaner than when they came. I highly recommend this business.

linda renta

Joe Rohde and Anthony cleaned ductwork for 3 furnaces and 2 dryer vents today at my home. I cannot say I’ve ever enjoyed such wonderful service. Customer service is pretty thin these days, but these gents stand out as heads above. They love their work and it shows. Personable, prompt, polite, easy to communicate with, extremely clean and I NEVER saw them on their phones!!! Hallelujah !!
Get your ducts and dryer vents cleaned! It was scary how much lint was in my dryer vents ready for ignition..
Thanks Better Air, y’all rock!!!

Kimberly J Sherertz

Joe and Anthony did such an amazing job, the air duct system had not been cleaned in 24yrs. They walked me through their process and showed me the before and after pics. As they worked, both would stop and explain what they were doing.

Both were very friendly and professional and I would definitely recommend them.


Robyn & Javier

Javier Vazquez

Over the years we have had several different companies clean our air ducts. Each time we are told that they got every foot cleaned. But there doesn’t seem to have ever been a difference in our air quality. And then when we had to take a return air duct out we discovered that most of it has never been cleaned. And since we didn’t have to remove a supply duct we couldn’t be sure if all of them were cleaned. But when we had Better Air Northwest three years ago we did experience an improvement in our air quality. So when it came time to do it again we had them back. And are we ever glad we did. The team arrived on time and ready to work. And it was a good job that they did. They kept us informed about what they were doing and what they found. And when they found a difficult stretch of duct to clean they let us know and went about going after it from another direction. That’s something that no one has ever done before. And before they left the showed us the amount of filth they had removed. Our air quality is noticeable cleaner. We are so glad that we had this company return. We highly recommend that everyone should use this company. Before finding them we spent a lot of mony to have our ducts cleaned. And it felt like we wasted our mony. But that is not the way we feel after Better Air Northwest doing such a great job.

Carl & Mari Kae Mullen

Our technicians, Ian and Andrii, did a
great job cleaning our ducts and the dryer vent. They are professional, easy to communicate with and made sure that we were satisfied with their work.

I highly recommend Better Air Northwest!

Linda Barneson

Jason and Jonathan were prompt, professional and super helpful in explaining what they were going to do and how. They patiently answered questions and offered suggestions and my wife and I will absolutely use Better Air Northwest again as well as refer our friends to do so as well.

John McGrath

Bo and Jake were very professional and helpful in telling me what they were doing as they did it. It definitely needed a cleaning long before this. I did not find an old earring I was hoping for. That is better than being covered in dirt.

Mary Omlor

Jeremiah and Jeremy called to let me know when they were on their way, which I totally appreciated. When they got here they explained what they were going to do in great detail. They did an excellent job, making sure our dryer vent/duct was thoroughly cleaned. And did an outstanding job cleaning up afterwards!! Thanks for a great job well done!!!

Lolita H

Jeremy and Jeremiah did an excellent job cleaning our air ducts. They were on time and they did after work cleanup. I feel cleaner. I give this a WOW! ******. Thank you. Alan.

Alan Ashenberner

Tyler H and Jordan N were extremely thorough, considerate, and professional. They even cleaned off the wheels of their equipment before bringing into our house to protect our floors! Great idea to show before and after images to validate all their hard work.

RD Symms

Today I had Anthony, Ian and then Edgar
Arrive for our duct cleaning service. As a small business owner myself
I was not disappointed in this companies attention to detail.
They walked me through the process, explained what would be happening, showed me before and after pictures of duct work. I am thrilled to have had the dryer vents clean, poor Edgar looked like it was snowing on him while he was cleaning from the outside. No more fire hazard for sure.
They wore shoe protection which was nice but for me not necessary but much appreciated.
Plus at the end they vacuumed all the rooms plus the stairs. What a nice touch and Edgar took the shop vac and cleaned around the water heater and furnace the walls and ceilings around that area as well in the garage, plus he wiped furnace down as well.
Awesome Awesome Awesome service by these three gentleman and when time comes again for cleaning I will ask for these guys.
10 out of 10 stars from me.

Lisa McClung

Very professional and polite.
Arrived on time.
Explained the process very well.
Did excellent work.
Would highly recommend them.

Mike Klein

We had the air ducts and dryer vent cleaned in our home. The professionals at Better Air Northwest arrived on time and were very thorough in explaining the entire process, answering all our questions, and doing an outstanding job. Highly recommended! Thank you for the excellent service and work!

Jeremy Niculescu

Justin & Angel were professional, personal, punctual & just perfect! They explained each step as they worked. We are very satisfied.
Thank you NorthWest.

Shirley Smith

The Technicians were friendly and very professional and did a great service.

Bruce Byers

We had a problem with mice getting into our flex ductwork under the first floor of the house. We hired Better Air NW to replace all of the underfloor flex duct piping with metal duct pipe. They arrived on time, kept the work area clean near the floor access, and basically just did an excellent job. I would hire them again in the future.

Eric Ballweber

Moving into a new home, I learned too much dust was disabling my dryer and a good cleaning of the vents might resolve the problem.

Recommended by a great appliance repair service I called ‘Better Air N.W’ and the receptionist to my relief, scheduled me in for an appt. the following week.

It all happened in such a timely manner. Joe and Anthony were friendly, informative, focused and efficient: Within the hour, the vents were thoroughly cleared of all dust with a good news ending, a working dryer!

I highly recommend ‘Better Air NW’ and send glowing compliments
and appreciation to Joe and Anthony for a job well-done!

Keren Kammen-Jolly

Recently we stopped using our year-and-a-half old dryer because of an awful odor. We called a known company in our area to find and fix the problem, but they weren’t successful. Next we called the dryer manufacturer to see if there was a problem in the dryer, but they found nothing. Our laundry pile was growing higher every day.

Finally, noting their excellent reviews, we called Better Air Northwest in Vancouver, WA. The person who took the call listened to our plea and found someone to come to our house the very next day. Eric arrived fully equipped and ready to tackle the problem. He thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed the ductwork outside the house and in the laundry room. The odor was still there, but Instead of giving up, he persisted. He brought out an extra-large, heavy-duty machine. Finally, he was successful in pulling out the source of the smell: a dead rat. His experience and determination paid off.

Better Air Northwest is truly a customer service company that values its customers and the quality of its work. If I could give them ten stars if I would.

Cands Angelo

Big thank you for Justin S and Andres V!
They went above and beyond looking at concerns we had even trying to fit in the crawl space! They even offered extra parts for the dryer vent!
Thank you ! Highly recommend

Kathryn Summers

Thank you to Bo and Ian, the technicians from Better Air Northwest who cleaned the duct work throughout my house yesterday. With great communication and excellent skill, they took the time to explain how the work would be done and then cleaned the system. I appreciate the competent and efficient process – from my first call to Lynn to book the cleaning, to Bo and Ian completing the work. I will certainly recommend the services of Better Air Northwest in the future.

Cheryl Brock

Better Air NW arrives on time and they’re clean, courteous and efficient. When they leave you can tell the air in the house is cleaner. Everything smells better. And, as a doctor I know everyone will be healthier because we’re breathing air will not dust and no mold. Everyone should get their dicts cleaned every year.

Carol McMakin

It is so nice to have clean heating and dryer vents. Bo and Ian were professional, thorough and friendly. I would highly recommend their services 100%.


Craig Morgan

Bo and Ian were able to come out to the house and clean the ducts out that haven’t been done in many, many years. They explained what they would do, step by step. Answered any concerning questions we had before, during and after the job. Both were very professional and we were very pleased with the outcome of their service. You will not be looking for another company once you’ve had ” Better Air Northwest ” out to your home for their services. We will be returning customers for sure!

Dennis & Ramona Robins

We haven’t had out air ducts cleaned for quite a while and I was sick of the never ending dust. Didn’t really think about what has been accumulating in the ducts but saw their ads so trusted Better Air to do the job. Eric and Ryan kept me up on the steps in the process, were informative and very professional. They have put us on a maintenance schedule and I am anxious to see if this cleaning has made a difference and would recommend Better Air for your air duct cleaning needs. Thank you Eric and Ryan!

Jo Lutgens

The team arrived early. Started with a full briefing of method and equipment and inspecting the layout of the house and furnace. James and Jordan efficiently split up the tasks. At each step of the process they showed before and after photos. Amazing! James found every inch of the furnace and Jordan took care of the dryer vent and redid the dryer vent hookup. Above and beyond…
Our grateful thanks!
Fred & Linda

Fred & Linda Stovel

Hi there, we had Joe and Anthony come out to treat our ducts. They were very professional, polite, listened to my concerns and additionally treated a couple of areas that was helpful to us. I appreciated their patient attentiveness to what I was sharing, taking time to explain and also offer a few good solutions.

In fact, over the years, Better Air Northwest has always gone above and beyond in addressing concerns with keeping our ducts cleaned and treated for much better air quality in our home.

Because of this, I have often recommended this company and am so happy to share my experience with others about Better Air Northwest.

Thanks so much!


Ingrid Yothers

I moved into a 78 year old house that has had no preventative maintenance over its existence. My experience with contractors to date has been painful until Tyler and Brandon restored my faith that honesty, hard work and impeccable service is still a value.
The ductwork in this house was filled with 78 years of filth. Tyler and Brandon were early for the service, kept me informed of what they were doing, retaped securely all the duct connections, showed me before and after photos, made sure my cats did not try to get in a vent, and even vacuumed all the loose dog hair on the floor in their clean up and the thick cover of dust on furniture that I could never dust away.
Anyone that goes to that extent to vacumn my floors and dust the furniture is welcomed back🌈
The air in my home simply smells better😁
I will most definitely have them back again in a couple years.
Impeccable work and service for fair price🌈

Pat Mayes

The guys were right on time and worked efficiently to get the job done. This was my second service from Better Air NW and I will continue to be a loyal customer based on experience.

Sandy Reeves

Alan and Angel from Better Air Northwest, arrived right on time to clean our ducts. We were told 30 years ago that our ducts couldn’t be clean due to the type we had. Now with modern technology, it was possible to get them clean. Alan and Angel were extremely thorough, professional, and polite. In two hours the 50 accumulation of dust, and dirt were gone. The before and after pictures of the debris was absolutely stunning. I highly recommend Better Air Northwest to everyone.

Kim Baird

We recently had our HVAC system ducts cleaned by Better Air Northwest. The crew, Jason and Jack, arrived on time, were very friendly and competent, taking time to explain what they were doing and why. Our system, in a home we recently purchased, had never been cleaned since the home was built 17 years ago. The pictures after cleaning show the ducts looking brand new. We highly recommend Better Air and will absolutely use them when our system needs to be cleaned again in about 5 years.

John Beuerle

Bo and Ian cleaned out our ducts like pros. They took before and after pictures, explained how their tools worked, showed us the HEPA filter before and after, and they also did what a lot of contractors tend to not do anymore…they cleaned up after themselves. Any mess that fell from the air returns and furnace was promptly picked up so it couldn’t be tracked around the house. We appreciate that attention to detail. They also cleaned out our dryer venting system. We will likely invite this company to clean our ducts next time we need it done.

Josh and Sara Boelter

Very professional from beginning to end. Both Allen and Angel explained how everything is done. I learned also about my system especially how often the type of filter I am using needs to be replaced. Great to know. Thank you so much for having great well trained employees 5+STAR

Stephanie Olson

Bo, Ian, and Jason came out today to get everything cleaned out for us. We have an ‘unfortunate’ odor coming from the furnace area that pest control couldn’t find. They all went above and beyond what they came out to do and did everything to help us find the problem. They were immediately part of the solution, which is always the best kind of partner you want for these things.

They quickly understood the layout and the issue and got to work, explaining everything they were doing. They didn’t mind me asking questions and were really happy to explain what they were doing and how everything worked. I never felt like I couldn’t ask a dumb question, and each was met with a gracious answer.

Bo and Ian were a great team, and we will definitely be a repeat customer.

Thanks for your great work guys!

Dana Brash

I include Better Air Northwest in my list of TOP 10 companies I have ever dealt with! I’ve lived in Clark County, WA and Los Angeles and Orange Counties, CA. Tyler H and Branden H were our technicians and Matt, the owner, bid the job.

Tyler and Brandon arrived on time, introduced themselves, and began to explain the process of cleaning all our vents in our 35-year-old two story home, as well as what would take place when they replaced and rerouted our dryer venting and replaced some vapor barriers — all in our crawlspace. So professional!

They removed their shoes or put on shoe shields to respect the interior of our home. I didn’t have to ask them and I so appreciated that. Tyler and Brandon cleaned all the vent grills in the ceiling and the floor, as well as cleaning the tops of our highest window casings since they were already on a ladder, and I thought that extra touch was very thoughtful! Other extra touches were caulking the any gaps in vent grills, both ceiling and floor, and taking pictures along the way to show all the work they were doing. Plus they cleaned out our dryer machine of lint and dust!

Tyler and Brandon are young men yet their professionalism, attitude, and work ethic is beyond their years in my opinion. The owner, Matt, was not a hard sell, and he explained everything during the estimate. He suggested that we reroute our dryer venting under the crawlspace so that we can see where it comes out— the original route was underneath our deck, and we had no idea if it was working or not. Matt’s price for labor and materials was very fair.

Before Tyler and Brandon left, they made sure that the HVAC system was working and took the time to ask us if we had any questions at all. Then they showed us all the debris that came out of our venting system—sooo much dust, pet hair, construction debris, dead bugs god knows what else! Our venting system was never cleaned since the house was built.

I’ll have to admit that I never wanted to have my venting system cleaned because for a few decades of my adult life, I saw so many consumer TV segments and articles describing how companies can cheat you. They can cheat you because you never know if they are actually doing anything since you’re not under the crawlspace to watch.

Well I’m happy to report that I can’t believe how much better our ventilation system is working! I never heard our system before and now every room has a soft purring because it’s actually not blocked anymore! I’m sure we’re gonna save money on our electric bill.

I’m so sorry I’ve never did this sooner, so don’t be like me! Give Better Air Northwest a call as soon as possible to save on your energy bill, save time dusting, extend your system’s mechanical health and protect your health because you’ll be breathing cleaner air.

Victoria Zadeh

I’ve hired contractors to do many jobs in the many homes I’ve owned. Jason and Jake from Better Air Northwest provided service that rates in the Top 1% of all the contractors with whom we have worked. Extremely professional and knowledgeable, which impressed Bob who is a retired HVAC technician. I personally noticed the difference in air when we walked back in the house (we took the dog for an extended walk, just to stay out of their way!). The feel of the house air was noticeably different…fresher, lighter…just plain better! If I wasn’t convinced by all of this, when we saw the volume of debris sucked from our home’s ductwork into the vacuum’s first filter (Yikes! Yuck!), I knew that we were smart homeowners to get this work done. I appreciated their thoroughness in cleaning up whatever minimal debris was created by the cleaning process. I honestly think the house was cleaner than when we left. The administrative/office personnel were equally professional. I received a call shortly after I submitted the appointment request online. Following the phone call, I received email notification of my appointment. They were thoughtful and called me when they were able to reschedule my appointment to an earlier time. Great people, great service.

Kathy Wright and Bob Semf

They showed up on time and explained what and how they were going to proceed. During the process, they showed me what was happening and the dust and crime within my system. They were very professional and respectful of my house. I would highly recommend them.

Dave Pratt

Professional, integrity, on time, great communication, over and above expectation is how I can describe my experience with Better Air. From 1st phone call to finish up.

Joe and James are fantastic and really care about doing the job right. My description above is fully applicable to these two guys.

See you all for a future cleaning.

I have already recommended your company to two of my friends.

Keith Pelletier

Bo and Jason came out and cleaned our dry vent. They also put a new dryer vent cover on and fixed our problem with our dryer hose. They were quick, friendly, and did a great job!

Nicole Olson

Bo and Jason gave us a heads up they on the way and showed up spot on time. They did an awesome job explaining the service to me and were very easy to talk to. I was able to work while they took care of the job—they were efficient, experienced and just plain nice to each other as they worked. They completed the job faster than I would have thought and were super helpful explaining some of the benefits of a regular service and shared before and after pictures. They even helped assure my outdoor vent was covered and secure. They made sure the house was warm and clean before they headed out. I would 200% recommend them!! Very glad we got this team as well.

leah henders

BetterAirNorthwest did an awesome job from scheduling to actual cleaning. Lynn at the office was so delightful and helpful with setting up the appointment. Very cordial and professional staff, Hunter and Ryan, who explained the whole process and did a very thorough job cleaning the air vents and dryer vent. Will hire them again. Highly recommend.

Sha Miller

Appointment set up was excellent. The person was very knowledgeable and helped me decide what I needed and the options available. Tyler & Brandon Hall were great to work with. Clearly understood what they were doing and communicating along the entire cleaning. They listened to my concerns about the residual cigarette smoke in the house I just bought and recommended the added odor treatment. I was hesitant to believe it was going to truly get rid of all the odor, but it did! Very respectful, timely and efficient. Would recommend you to anyone who needs this service.

Barbara Forty

It is always great when a referral works better than hoped for! Jason and Bo were great representatives of their company and really cared about the quality of their work. They are on our personal “referral” list for any friends or neighbors needing their service. Bob and Karen Bernhardt

Bob Bernhardt

We just had our air ducts and dryer vent cleaned after recently moving into our home. They were professional and the job was done in a timely manner. I had a follow up issue with my dryer duct that needed attention and they sent someone out right away the same day I called, and the issue was resolved easily! There were also some maintenance items that the team discovered during the cleaning, and they got another appointment scheduled so quickly to get those things done. Really great customer service. We will be calling them again when our next service is due.

Jessica J

The guys who came to our house to clean our vents were excellent from the start. Professional, but also had humorous side. Great explanations of the work to be done, very methodical on the job. We would definitely recommend Better Air NW to everyone. 5 stars!

Pam Eckert

Just had a new furnace install and had all the ducks cleaned they did amazing will recommend to everyone I know amazing work and fast there the best!!!!!!!


We are so glad we called Better Air NW. The technicians were so respectful toward our home, communicated clearly throughout the process, and performed above and beyond what we expected. We found out our dryer vent was not connected under the house, so they not only cleaned it but made sure it was connected properly. We are beyond happy with our decision to have this cleaning done.If you are considering having your air ducts and/or dryer vent cleaned- don’t wait, call today!

Janet Dickens

The two workers arrived on time and set right to work, checking the house for vents and registers. They explained what they were going to do, and then did it, including a thorough clean-up afterwards. I am totally happy with their work and professionalism.

John Cushing

The office was amazing in getting me scheduled at the last minute to facilitate the closing date for my condo sale. The guys were right on time very personable and professional. Will definitely use Better Air NW in the future.

Stephanie Lolich

My wife and I had our ductwork cleaned by your company the other day and our house is 60 years old. This is something we have always overlooked and thought it would be a good time to have done now. They called 15 minutes ahead of their arrival time to let us know they would be on time, They had everything set up in just a few minutes and got right to work cleaning floor registers and setting up the big vacuum system. They were so nice to explain everything they were doing and why so it helped me understand. This was long overdue for our house and the air return piping looked like new when they were done and they also cleaned the blower wheel inside of furnace . Cant say enough nice things about Aaron and Angel they are the best. We would highly recommend Better Air northwest for a professional neat clean thorough job with super caring, kind workers.

Edward walter Senchyna

Eric and Ryan arrived exactly on time and worked efficiently. We were amazed at the amount (a garbage can full) of lint they pulled out of the dryer vent system. A potential fire averted!

Our home is over 25 years old, and they removed construction debris from the heating ducts! The ducts are super clean now and there should be much less dust accumulation in the house. They also cleaned the vent grills in all the bathrooms. Plus our vents were cleaned and polished, and they cleaned up what little mess they made. We will be repeat customers in 5 years.

Nancy & James Driscoll

Better Air Northwest did a superior job replacing all of our ductwork both in the ceiling and in the crawl space. We learned that after 31 years the ductwork degrades. Tyler and Jordan were here early and worked late to accomplish the job in just one day. They were knowledgeable and took time to explain what they were doing and why. They were respectful of our property and the pictures they provided to us showed that the work they promised was well done. When they finished they shared the pictures to explain the detail taken in completing the job! I highly recommend Better Air Northwest

Margaret Walker

Jason and Bo came to do our service. Fantastic workers, would recommend again. Explained thoroughly through each step and was very careful through the process. Took pictures during there time here of what is being completed before and after. Highly recommend!

Carol Castellano

WOW….before and after photos combined with the clean filter going in and the DIRTY coming out was very eye opening…This is what they mean when they say the inside Air in your average home is much more polluted then outside. Wife and Son experiencing allergies mainly when at home…

Better Air Northwest, I checked their referrals, gave then a shot, AND WOW EXTREMELY pleased. They, Tyler and Jonnie explain exactly what they are going to do, they show you before pics of dirty ducts, during cleaning process video, then after process is complete…..We opted for the Dryer vent clean and it was almost clogged, about 20lbs of lint (no exaggeration) came out of the line, fire hazzard…they even replaced the Vent cover no cost….

Due to my wife’s and son’s allergy issues, they recommend every 3 years….and we will definitely have BETTER AIR NORTHWEST back out …

I highly recommend.

Jason Lee

Eric Campbell and Ryan cleaned my furnace ducts and returns, and my dyer vents.

They were thoroughly professional and careful in their work. Importantly, they left no dust or dirt anywhere in my house, which required use of their cleaning equipment in every room.

Their explanations on procedures were thorough. They were careful to to reattach the original hand written statement of specs and other information provided by the installer of my furnace so that this information would not be lost.

They left a thorough record of their work, including before and after photos of the ducts.

I will contact Better Air Northwest again in 3-5 years for the next cleaning of furnace ducts and dryer vent.

Tom Arnold

Having met with and seen both Jason and Bo clean our ducts, I am very pleasantly surprised at how much time and effort it took effort for our ducts to be cleaned. Both guys were quick, efficient and actually taught us about the need for clean ducts. We are both impressed with their work ethic and we know we’ll be thanking them each time we feel nice clean air circulate through our home. Each man took the time to explain what they were doing so we were always in the know. We will continue to keep in touch with Better Air Northwest and arrange for a second appointment when we find it necessary to have ducts cleaned again in our home. We’ll see you again in 3 to 5 years.

Thank you both so much!

Barbara Fitzpatrick
John Grogan

Barbara Fitzpatrick and John Grogan

Our family was very pleased with the hard work and thorough duct cleaning by Eric and Ryan recently. We were given clear explanation of the services and shown the level of dirt and the results after cleaning. Time was taken to explain the equipment used and how the cleaning would be done. It was an instructional service. We couldn’t be happier. We now enjoy fresher indoor air with clean air ducts for our new HVAC system. I’d recommend Better Air Northwest to anyone looking for an honest and through air duct cleaning. Again, Eric and Ryan were superior!

Thomas Pierce

I was grateful to have an official air duct test (leakage to outside), air duct cleaning, and dryer vent cleaning all done within five hours by two crews from Better Air Northwest. Jason and Angel efficiently handled the test first using quite an assortment of tools and equipment. As they finished, Tyler H. and Jonathan P. toured my 2900 sq. ft. 3rd-floor residence while briefing me on their procedure. They brought in a different variety of tools and equipment. Before and after photos they shared as the cleaning progressed assured me that it was well worth investing in professional services. Although it is not a homeowner’s most enjoyable experience, the four gentlemen who came to my home could not have been more considerate, trustworthy, and pleasant. In summary: 3 Services — 4 Professionals — 5 Stars.

W. L. Scott

Your team called ahead to see if we would like an earlier appointment. They arrived on time and did an incredible job explaining what we could do between visits. They cleaned up and even vacuumed the house. I will recommend them to friends and would rate them a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10.
We’ll see you again in 3 to 5 years.. I

Richard colby

Justin & Eric did a great job! Very happy with the service.

Debbie E.

My previous review was supposed to show 10 stars but for some reason it did not.

10 star review!


As semi-retired general contractor and new home owner I am very happy having had Jason and Bo clean our duct system and furnace. They were knowlegdable, polite, and kept the house clean during and after their work. They took time to explain how they were going to do their work and charged me fairly. I will use them again down the road and definitely recommend them.

Daniel Clavin

I’ve had Better Air NW come out again after a couple of years and again, consistently, they did a thorough job! Always happy with these guys. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Eugenia Slater

I have never dealt with a more dedicated and thorough job. They arrived on time, worked very hard and performed each task with professionalism. I highly recommend BetterAir NW for their commitment to service. These two young men were wonderful to work with and told me what was happening every step of the way. I have terrible allergies to dust and they cleaned to a very high standard. I will definitely have this Company back in the future. Honest, precise and quote was exactly as written!

Marise Scott

The duct-cleaning was excellently done by two staff. Job done thoroughly and with care for excellence in the services they delivered. They asked thoughtful questions to help them understood the exact degree of services needed. Also, they were very friendly and respectful. Matt, the company owner, would be proud to see them work at my home and interact with me and my wife.
I will continue hiring Better Air; they present what I believe is a wonderful value.

peter loeb

Loved having Better Air NW come out to clean our ducts. Anthony and Ian were very polite and professional. Would use them again and will tell our friends to give Better Air a call!

Pam Brown

Two young men…..Anthony 2.0 & Jonnie….cleaned our duct system and I have to tell you how impressed I was with their professionalism. They were both hard working, knowledgeable and a pleasure to have in our home. We are still amazed with the difference in air flow they made happen. I will use Better Air Northwest when needed and will happily request the work be done by…..you guessed it – Anthony 2.0 & Jonnie.

Kenneth A Garver

Excellent job. Jarred and Jason showed up on time, courteous, efficient, explained and demonstrated what was being done and left the place as if they were never there. Definite 5 stars

Aron Swerdlin

Blake and Jared cleaned our air ducts and dryer vent this morning. They are very polite young men, respective of our property and a pleasure to work with. They took the time to explain everything they were going to do and followed up afterwards with pictures and further explanation of what they actually did. Thanks

Phil Virgin

The team that came to my house to clean my air ducts and dryer vent were professional and personable, answering my questions about the work. However, they did not clean all the debris from several spaces. I called to talk with Melissa the next day and a manager was sent out promptly to review the areas and clean up the debris. He apologized for the lack of clean-up, which is typically part of the service, and we worked out a price adjustment. I have rarely encountered a company that stood by its work and product, promptly addressing any issues. They made me feel valued as a customer. I will confidently use them again and refer friends who need duct cleaning. Thanks Better Air Northwest!

S. Sacks

Joe and Allan did a fantastic job cleaning our air ducts and dryer vent. They were very knowledgeable and thorough. Joe discovered that our dryer vent was not properly connected and the majority of the debris in the return duct was actually lint from the dryer. After cleaning it, he attached it properly so we won’t have that issue again. We will definitely have them back and will refer them to our friends and family.

Mary Wilken

Great team of guys. Did an fantastic job


Jesse R. and Mike W. provided an excellent experience. They were friendly and very professional. Jesse first explained in detail what they were going to do, what I could expect and what they would be providing me. After initial inspection the plan changed due to my furnace configuration and Jesse explained why he had to change the plan and what the new plan was. When finished they showed me before/after pictures and they left my home in a condition that you would not know that they had been here. In addition to cleaning the ducts they also clean the fan blades, spider webs and wipe the registers down.

I highly recommend Better Air Northwest.

Ray Tatum

This company is a sham. Guy was here for less than 10 minutes to clear my dryer vent line from the dryer to outside, and I just pulled a cantaloupe size wad of lint out of the line! Refund me!

Leslie Hunt

They were professional, kind, cleaned up, price was fair, and on time. I will never go anywhere else to get my ducts cleaned.

Julie Bounmasanonb

Scheduling was easy and the technicians (Anthony and Ian) were knowlagable, polite, freindly and efficient. They pulled a lot of “stuff” out of our 20+ year-old system and it smells a whole lot better now.

I would note that you should be aware that they need access to all your registers. I somehow misunderstood this when I scheduled the service. I can’t lay blame on the receptionist because I honestly don’t know if it was a misunderstanding on my part, therefore I would still make these folks my first call and I’m giving them a 5 star rating which is a rarity for me.

Curtis Knight

The guys were great! They called and came early. It is nice to see good people doing a great job and cheerfully. They were able to correct the dryer connection to the wall so the dryer would sit back even with my washer, repair the bird cover over the outdoor vent as well as clean heaps of lint out of the duct. They left everything spotless! I was delighted with the service.

mary mccoy

Great experience from first call to completion. A big thanks to Jarred and Jesse for they great work they did!

J. Scherr

The crew I had, Joe Rohde and his partner Allan, were great. They arrived on time after giving us a 15 minute heads up they were on their way. The were professional and polite. They got right down to work and were efficient in doing the job. Joe explained in detail the plan and the logic behind it. Afterwards, they showed me the gunk they got out of our ducts. I highly recommend this company. They are a real professional organization. I would give them the highest possible rating.

Kenneth Strothkamp

Very appreciative of how they managed to help us on an emergency situation…… not just once but twice.
From the initial phone call to the technicians that came to our home on both occasions, they could not have been more professional, courteous and efficient.
So rare is quality customer service available, I would and will recommend this company to everyone.
Could not have been happier with their service!
FYI, cleaning your homes air dusts is really a good idea!

Karen Wells

Jeremiah and Anthony 2.0 came out to do a duct cleaning. They were very informative and professional. Explained and showed the before and after pictures. I highly recommend this company. Thank you very much.

Ron Hoffman

I had Eric and Nathaniel come provide service for my house and they were so kind. They did such a great job explaining everything to me, showing me pictures and making sure to clean up afterwards. Highly recommend Better Air Northwest and these two!

Stephanie Trombley

Jared and his team were fantastic. We have an older home with extensive and in some cases creative duct work. In addition to a thorough cleaning they did some small patches and repairs and helped me understand the idiosyncrasies of our system. Through out the day they explained everything they did, showed me pictures and were meticulous about cleaning up not only their work areas but every place they might have walked or tracked dirt. They even changed some hard to reach lightbulbs for me!
Honestly they couldn’t have been more thorough, helpful and professional. They exceeded my expectations by a lot! I highly recommend Better Air NW

Martha Howe

I can’t say enough about the professional service and quality of service I received.
The gentleman that came to home were very professional and respected the needs of my pets with there equipment. They kept me informed what they had found and left my home in much better condition then when they came. I am convinced that getting my vents cleaned every 5 years is beneficial to my health and my pets.
I would recommend this service to anyone.

Lisa Rasmussen

Justin S and Andrew R were both extremely professional and knowledgeable. They took the time to explain the process and how everything worked. I had all my ducts cleaned and dryer vent also. In fact, there was an issue with my dryer vent and they both stayed longer than planned to make sure everything was in working order. They went above and beyond the call, no question. If the rest of the crews are like Justin and Andrew, you will be in excellent hands. 5 stars isn’t enough. Highly recommend Better Air NW.

Kevin Smith

Many years ago I called another company to have the ducts cleaned in my crawl space. Four or five men showed up at the door and they were really dirty from head to toe. I was then told they need to come in the house to do the work. I had never had my ducts cleaned before and didn’t realize that’s how it’s done. I suddenly told them they had to leave that I would need to reschedule (didn’t mention with another company). Many years passed but I never wanted to have anyone out to clean the ducts. Then I heard about BETTER AIR NORTHWEST. They assured me there would only be 2 men and they would be very clean as well as their equipment. The experience surpassed my expectations.
Anthony E. and Ian were very professional and explained all they were going to do. They even wiped off the machine and wheels before bringing into my house. They vacuumed around each register when they were finished. Also, cleaned the air exchanges and put the covers back on correctly. One had been put on upside down 36 years ago when the house was built. Good eye for detail!
I highly recommend BETTER AIR NORTHWEST and will tell my friends about them. I give them an A+

Pamela Vandor

I was so very impressed with the crew that they sent because they were VERY polite and informative, explaining how and why they go about their work because it is much more than just vacuum out the heat ducts and the dryer vent. It is really amazing the extent that this company does to insure that even the minute particles are ‘caught in their filtering system.
Much more to say but I would encourage anyone that has a heating system to give this company a call and let them explain the ‘details’ that they go through to make sure that your system is completely cleaned.

Wayne Lyle Felton

Justin S. and Andrew R arrived on time, which is always nice. They were friendly and made short work of the 14 ducts that had to be dealt with as well as the exchange. They were nice enough to let me watch and check how much debris came out of the ducts. They also explained what the equipment does and how it seems to differ from other cleaners. I am only renting but I highly recommend this company. When they left, it was like they were never here.

Darrell Reed

They did a great job. Cleaned all ducts in our house, being very mindful of everything around them so as not to cause any damage. And the material they got out of our ductwork was impressive. Before and After pictures showed how dramatic the difference was in how much ‘yuk’ was in our ducts. They worked quietly and efficiently. And made sure when they were done that all areas were cleaned up thoroughly. I would recommend them highly over other companies because their technicians have the experience and training to do the job right. Our tech even answered some questions about our furnace operation and thermostat settings. Very impressive.

P. Anderson

We’ve lived in our home for over 15 years. Better Air NW is the first and only company to clean our vents. Blake & Jared arrived exactly on time, they explained everything before hand and as they went through the process. They were very professional, detailed & thorough. All I can say is AMAZING!! Besides showing us before and after photos honestly we actually experience the difference…..our allergy bouts have been reduced to nil! If in the market do yourself a favor and reach out to BANW & make sure you ask for Blake & Jared!

Jim Corral

I was very skeptical about the vent cleaning with all of the scams out there. I called better air northwest got scheduled immediately. I was not sure exactly what to expect but they met an even exceeded any expectations I may have had. Jesse and Max were so knowledgeable about their work, they let me know everything they were going to do prior to starting, and answered all of my questions along the way. I had my dryer vent done as well and it proved to be a challenge It required a little extra work and even crawling under the house. Jesse went above and beyond to get it done correctly. I am so appreciative and thankful that I went with Better Air Northwest. I give them five stars across the board, the quality, timeliness, attention to detail and the exceptional professionalism that Jesse and Max had.
Thank you Jesse , Max & Better Air Northwest.

Vicki Putnam

Blake and Jared came to clean the vents in our new home, and I can’t say enough good things about the experience. They were polite, professional, informative, and candid. They stayed as long as the work required and communicated with us at every step.

Really top notch, and our vents have never been cleaned! I would recommend this company to anyone, and these two in particular!

Nathan Wetzel

so impressed with this company. The 2 reps that did our air duct cleaning were Anthony 2.0 and Jake Lee. They represented their company in a very positive way by introducing themselves, putting on shoe covers and telling us exactly what they would be doing. We had no clue what it meant to have a good cleaning of the air ducts. We asked many questions during the over 2 hour process. They showed us pictures of before and after and also let us see all of the gunk that ended up in their filter boxes. It was so disgusting the amount of dust and grime that had accumulated over the years and by seeing the end results made us feel that we definitely got our moneys worth.
They put any furniture they had to move to get to the vents back in their original place without even being asked to. We highly recommend this company. Dont even think for a minute the work this company does is comparable to the $99 specials that are advertised for duct cleaning by others….you would be wasting your money as we have in the past.

betty j sneddon

Fabulous experience. Justin & Alec were awesome. They were courteous and explained what they were doing throughout their entire visit working in our home.
I am recommending them to anyone who wants to get their money’s worth.
Thank you, guys! This service was a great experience for us.

Steven Furno

We had no idea that our ducts were so filthy! Tyler and Jonathan were very professional and knowledgeable and did a fantastic job of thoroughly cleaning our ducts. The experience was a pleasant and unexpected surprise. We have total confidence in Better Air Northwest and their technicians. We highly recommend them!

Lynn Godden

I had my crawlspace encapsulated and needed new ductwork. I received several quotes but Matt at Better Air Northwest was the only one who understood the timing issue, was immediately able to call the office, get the job scheduled and had knowledge of inventory on hand. The other companies weren’t certain when it could be scheduled and what the supply chain looked like etc. Matt immediately understood that I needed this information to make a decision in order to coordinate with the other service company I was working with.

Everyone in the crew was courteous, on time and communicated well. They did a great job for us. We highly recommend them. Good people and Great service.

Patricia Kenny

Max and Jake were the technicians that did our dryer vent and duct cleaning. They showed up on time and explained all the steps of the cleaning process. They were very professional, friendly and easy to work with. Better Air Northwest was recommended to us by the company installing our replacement furnace and AC the next day. What really amazed me is they found a problem with our upstairs return duct and went into our attic to investigate this issue. They discovered that the return duct was completely disconnected and fixed it! We can already notice the improvement to our HVAC system after the fix. Their excellent service sets Better Air Northwest apart from other duct cleaning companies. I would not hesitate to recommend Better Air Northwest for duct cleaning.

Kenton S.

5 Stars for this company. Professional and friendly; everything was clearly explained; work was efficiently done and everything was cleaned up after the work. Enjoyed having these fellows cleaning the ducts and the drier vent! Great job! Thanks!

Joane Eby

Hunter and Nathaniel did an excellent job in cleaning out the ducts and the dryer vent. I received a call from them saying they were on their way and they arrived on time. They were very thorough, professional, neat and worked well together as a team. The technology used is awsome and I would highly recommend them. They explained their process and went the extra mile to do their job well.

Kathleen Horvath

Jason and Jordon were professional, efficient, and provided great overall service.

Joshua P.

Our two operators, Eric and Nathaniel, were wonderful! They were efficient, friendly and cleaned all areas after ducts and dryer vents were finished. Highly highly would recommend this service to anyone!!!

Jan burke

Tyler and Jordan were professional and did a great job. My only suggestion is to spend some additional time picking up all the pieces of insulation that were left outside. Overall, my wife and I are very satisfied with the company and the work done.

E. Diaz

Eric and Mike did a great job for us. It was amazing to watch them clean the vents and they got our vent covers clean just like brand new. They were professional, knowledgeable & courteous. They never stopped working, very focused. I would recommend them definitely. Quality work! Very Impressed.

B McVicker

Jason & Jordon were very knowledgeable & professional walking us through every step, telling us exactly what they were doing & what was next. Outcome was great! Referral from my daughter, another happy customer! On my calendar for return.

Char McPherson

Jason and Derek are quite the team. They were professional, organized and friendly.Apart from an initial misunderstanding when making the appointment, I was very pleased with the care that they took to efficiently complete the duct cleaning. I gladly recommend this team and Better Air Northwest to anyone interested in good quality work.

M Crowell

We had a wonderful experience with Jeremiah and Anthony, both techs were thorough, clean, and truly professional. They cleaned our dryer vent, reattached the duct for the dryer, and did not disappoint. I would highly recommend them and the company. They both enjoy their work and love what they do! We will be referring them to our friends and family without hesitation. Thank you

S Patel

We moved into our home last summer during the heat wave and discovered our HVAC system had died. We also were in the final phase of completing an addition and remodel of our kitchen. We had a new heat pump/furnace installed in August and during the first service of our unit the technician recommended a duct cleaning. We contracted with Better Air Northwest through our HVAC contractor to do the work. Our house is 40 years old and with the construction the ducts were quite dirty. Blake and Jared arrived after calling to say they would be a little early. We didn’t know what to expect since we had never had a duct cleaning before. We could not be more pleased with the way these two gentleman went about their work! They were extremely professional, polite and thorough. Blake even journeyed into the crawlspace to secure several of the ducts that had been stretched away from the vents. The ducts were so dirty they used two filters to collect the debris and dust. After approximately four hours they finished and followed up by vacuuming the areas around all the vents. We are now getting a much better air flow from our vents and we are more confident that the air quality of our system is much better. They also cleaned our dryer vent at no extra cost. We highly recommend Better Air Northwest.

Robert Gates

Our household suffers from seasonal allergies as well as dust so we hired Better Air NW. I was impressed with the ease of scheduling, the excellent customer service with the Lynn in the office, and then the crew showed up on time with a courtesy call in advance letting me know they were on their way. Max and Joe who did the duct cleaning were great. They were polite, professional and did a very thorough job. I plan to hire Better Air every 3 years. I can’t recommend them enough

Leisha Dumas

Called us about 15 minutes before arrival. Very polite, explained exactly what they proposed to do based on what they find. After their assessment they suggested that we contact a pest control service before proceeding with replacement of duct work and vapor barrier. Numerous pictures showed us the extensive damage.
We sill proceed with their recommendations and have them return for the duct work and vapor barrier replacement,


The last time we had our heat pump serviced it was recommended that we have a duct cleaning – we had the system installed in 2006 and had never had a cleaning. I reached out to the company who services our heat pump to make arrangements and they put me in touch with Better Air Northwest. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. From the time Joseph and Derek arrived at our home I was confident that this was going to be a good experience. They were personable and clearly knew what they were doing. They walked me through what the process would be and allowed me to ask questions and see results as they were happening. They encouraged any questions and had the job was completed before I knew it. They represented themselves and the company well. I would never hesitate to recommend this service to a friend and will definitely be calling the next time we need a duct cleaning.

Karen Kickabush

Their are only a few lots left in our phase of the development, thank goodness. This is not our first time dealing with construction dust our builder had done a negative air cleaning prior to occupancy. Coming up on 2yrs.
now so I reached out to Better Air N.W. whom we were using in our last home in Ridgefield. The technicians (Blake and Jared) were very respectful and worked well together. Took a video of the fine dust and no way to up load. Impressive .

Herman Schroeder

I am writing this review because Blake and Jared cleaned our vents this past week and gave an absolute masterclass on professionalism and good work. They were beyond polite (to us and the home) throughout the whole process and were very clear about what would be happening and how. The before and after pictures and the chance to see the filter they used full of debris gave us the peace of mind we were looking for out of a vent cleaning.

I just cant say enough how nice these young gentleman were! Top notch business and people. FIVE STARS!!!

Rory Greiling

We want to thank Jason and Jordon for the great job they did cleaning our vents today. I’m almost 80 and I can honestly say this was one of the most pleasant experiences we have had in 48 years. These guys knew what they were doing, took pictures before and after, explained the whole process and did everything in a professional but fun manner. We know a couple of neighbors we will be recommending your company to. Thanks!

James W. Wallace

Every step of the process from the estimate to the crawlspace repair and duct cleaning was very professional. Thank you, Matt, Tyler, Edgar, Blake and Jared for your excellent work and customer service. I would highly recommend Better Air Northwest for crawlspace repair and duct cleaning.

Patrick Swanson

I had been looking for this type of service for a long time, but I had not really found the right people, until after a reference from a co-worker I decided to hire the services of Better Air Northwest.
I feel more than satisfied with the service received, the team showed great professionalism and mastery of their work, answering a wide variety of questions, as well as providing useful and multiple advice.
I think the cost is very well justified for the service provided.
I recommend Jessie’s team from Better Air Northwest.

Roger Cutino

Such a wonderful experience working with Better Air! Blake and Nathaniel were very professional and friendly. Both were happy to share and explain what they were doing for both myself, and my curious dog! The work was very thorough, the ducts are much cleaner and I was amazed, but not shocked, by how much debris they removed! Both Blake and Nathaniel were knowledgable on duct maintenance and gave excellent advice on general upkeep, including furnace filters. They also cleaned and vacuumed after their work, leaving my home cleaner than they found it. I would 100% recommend everyone getting their ducts cleaned out by Better Air NW, my home already feels worlds cleaner!

Megan Gaylord

The guys were great! Joe and Max explained things as they were doing them in detail. It’s nice when contractors come to your home and take the time to do this. I am very appreciative of their time and thoughtfulness in the work they did. They did their job and cleaned up after themselves, which is also nice to see. I fully believe in supporting local family based businesses. One of the reasons is how you are treated as a customer. Sometimes they make you feel like family, not just another job trying to make money. I will definitely be referring these guys to anyone I can. Thank you!

Wendy Covell

Jason and Jordan were excellent. Show up right on time with a curtesy call before arriving. Their work was efficient, clean, and professional. This companies service will be highly recommended.

Kyle Ervin

Justin and Nathaniel came out to clean my dryer ducts and did a great job. They were humble and easy to talk to. They were diligent even though it was difficult to find the exhaust vent for the outside. They climbed up on a 3 story roof and went everywhere to find it. Finally they found it on the side of the building camaflouged in with the paint job. The first time they cleaned it out only a little came out then I had him do it a second time and this time it get a lot more out. Now my dryer only requires one cycle to dry my clothes vs the 2-3 before. This helps save energy costs and prevents fires. Apparently the HOA now covers this service so that is a bonus because they will reimburse me for the cost. The cost was also very reasonable, $175.

Nicholas Gonzalez