The Pacific Northwest has long had cool, rainy winters. However, many homeowners and property managers are now outfitting their homes with air conditioning units as well. Thus, more homes and properties will use their ductwork year-round, requiring more regular maintenance than ever before. Climate control is one of those modern amenities that have become so ubiquitous and people can take it for granted. But just because we take it for granted doesn’t mean it should be neglected.

Better Air Northwest is here to make sure that does not happen! Since our founding in 2009, we have offered many residential vent cleaning services for your home or property. From air duct cleaning to furnace cleaning, we have the knowledge and the tools to do the job right. With a twelve vehicle fleet ready to take us anywhere in the greater Portland metropolitan area at a moment’s notice, it won’t take long to find out that our dedication to customer satisfaction is evident with every aspect of the Better Air Northwest experience. Learn more about our specialized services below and see how we can make a difference in the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems!