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Anti-Microbial Sanitation – Deep Clean Your Vancouver Air Ducts

We’re going to talk about something gross for a minute so forgive us. What happens when you have unwanted bacteria in your body, like a sinus infection, for example? 

You might try to treat it with cold medicines, but that doesn’t really work. That medicine might help relieve the symptoms a little. But unfortunately, cold medicines don’t get rid of the infection.

The same idea is true with your Portland-Vancouver air ducts. 

Regular air duct cleaning will take care of several issues in your air ducts. But there are some other problems that need a deeper cleaning. These problems have to be taken care of on a microbial level.

Deodorizers and detergents just mask the symptoms. They cover up the bad odors and gross smells. But they don’t get rid of the real issue. So they don’t kill the true problem.

That’s why using anti-microbial sanitation is a valuable service. If you want your Vancouver-Portland air ducts really clean then consider getting an anti-microbial sanitation service.

This service completely eliminates microbial growth and helps fight more growth later on. It also eliminates the bad smells coming from your ducts instead of just covering them up.

Our anti-microbial sanitation service is a proven way to wipe your air ducts clean of microbial issues. It kills 100% of the organisms that cause bad odors and disease. And it provides protection for up to six months after treatment.

Learn more about anti-bacterial sanitation by clicking here and more about air duct cleaning in general by clicking here.Ready for an appointment? Contact us online for an appointment today and let us serve you. Or give us a call at 360-852-6212 in Vancouver, or at 503-208-8351 in Portland.

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Anti-Microbial Sanitation – Deep Clean Your Vancouver Air Ducts

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