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Are Your Air Ducts Cleaned to the Anti-Microbial Level?

Have you taken a close look around your house lately? Have you noticed how clean, or dirty, it is? Most people dust and vacuum regularly. They clean their bathrooms and floors, and they even scrub their windows.

But even though your home might look clean on the surface, it could always be cleaner. One of the places most homeowners ignore the most is their air duct system.

Typically our air ducts are out of site and out of mind. But dirty air ducts can lead to all kinds of problems, including dust, mildew and even mold. No one wans those things in their home.

One of the best ways to prevent these things from building up and causing health problems is by cleaning your air ducts. 

But you can take it one even step further and add an anti-microbial sanitation to the job. This will really get things clean. Your ducts will be clean and free of debris. But anti-microbial sanitation will clean to the microbial level.

That means you can kill the bacteria and spores that might be living in your ducts and not just mask their effects. If you need your air ducts cleaned in Portland or Vancouver then you should also consider getting an anti-microbial sanitation service as well. For service in Portland call 503-208-8351. And for service in the Vancouver or Ridgefield area call 360-852-6212.

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Are Your Air Ducts Cleaned to the Anti-Microbial Level?

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