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Can Dirty Ducts Lead to AC Freezing?

Can Dirty Ducts Lead to AC Freezing?

It’s November so your air conditioner probably isn’t the first thing on your mind right now. Chances are your air conditioner is just sitting on the side of your home collecting dust. But, if you’ve noticed that your air conditioner is actually freezing up then you might have a dirty ductwork problem. You might need an air duct cleaning.

Your air conditioner should not freeze under normal conditions. They are built to withstand the cold during the winter months, even though they sit outside in the bad weather. But if you have problems in your air ducts it could lead to your AC unit developing ice. So what should you do if you notice ice collecting on your AC Unit?

First, you need to defrost the unit by turning off the air conditioner and turning on the fan. Now you need to check the airflow. When the airflow is blocked this causes moisture to build up and eventually it freezes in the cold outdoor temperatures.

Next up, check your filters and change them if they are dirty. After that, call Better Air Northwest to ensure your air ducts are clean and free of built-up debris. You might need to get your air ducts cleaned and/or sealed. This valuable service can improve airflow and prevent your AC unit from freezing.

If you notice ice building up on your AC unit then contact a trusted and knowledgeable professional air duct cleaning company. If you need air duct cleaning in the Vancouver and Portland area then click here, or call Better Air Northwest at 503-208-8351 in Portland or 360-852-6212 in Vancouver.

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Can Dirty Ducts Lead to AC Freezing?

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