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Can I Clean My Vancouver Air Ducts With Bleach?

Wouldn’t it be east if you could just clean your air ducts with liquid bleach? All you would have to do is pour some in your ductwork and let the air circulate the bleach throughout your entire air duct system.

That might sound like a good idea and an easy solution to air duct cleaning in Vancouver WA or Portland OR. But it’s just not that simple. And the truth is you should never put bleach into your air ducts.

There are two reasons you shouldn’t use bleach. First, it could very likely damage numerous components of your heating and cooling system. That’s an extra expense you definitely want to avoid.

But even more importantly, it could end up getting sick if you put bleach in your air ducts. Bleach is a powerful chemical and you don’t want it floating around your house in every breath you take.

So, if your air ducts need to be cleaned, please contact us at Better Air Northwest for a valuable service done right. We won’t use bleach and we won’t cut any corners. But we will give you clean air ducts. Please click here to contact us for an appointment or call us at 503-208-8351 in Portland or 360-852-6212 in Vancouver.

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Can I Clean My Vancouver Air Ducts With Bleach?

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