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Can I Seal My Air Ducts With Duct Tape?

People in Vancouver and Portland like to get things done for themselves. But some people are a little handier than others. Some people know how to fix all kinds of things. And other people think duct tape is a solution for everything.

One place people often think they can use duct tape is with their air ducts. But is that really okay? But first, if you haven’t had your air ducts in cleaned in a while, then now might be the right time to have them checked.

If you want to get your air ducts cleaned the right way, then you should hire a professional and experienced air duct cleaning company, like Better Air Northwest. We take every step to make sure your ducts are clean. And we also check your ducts to make sure they’re properly sealed.

It’s important to seal your air ducts. That’s because unsealed air ducts allow more dust, pollen and even moisture inside. Those are the perfect ingredients for mildew and mold to start growing. And that can be a real problem.

You might end up with a higher energy bills too because air can leak from your unsealed ducts. So how can you seal your air ducts? Duct tape, right? Wrong! Using duct tape is not the right answer.

You should always hire a professional contractor to seal your Vancouver, Portland, or Beaverton air ducts. At Better Air Northwest we are experts at cleaning and sealing your air ducts.

So if you need any air duct service in your home or business, then please click here to contact us online.Or you can give us a call in Vancouver at 360-852-6212 or in Portland at 503-208-8351.

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Can I Seal My Air Ducts With Duct Tape?

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