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Does it Take Special Equipment to Clean Your Air Ducts?


Our customers ask us all kinds of questions all the time. One of the most common questions we get when a potential customer contacts us is “what kind of equipment do you use” or “ does it take special equipment to clean my ducts? The quick answer is yes, it does take special equipment to properly clean your air ducts. Some companies use truck mounted equipment and others use portable vacuums. Both types of systems will work.

There are several other types of important tools and equipment that an air duct cleaning company should use in order to get the job done right and get your air ducts cleaned properly. A qualified air duct cleaning company will have the proper access tools in order to create entry points to get inside and clean the ducts. It should also have the right inspection tools in order to evaluate the level of dirt and dust that has built up inside your ducts.

Besides these tools, it’s important to have hand cleaning tools, vacuum collection devices and compressed air sources. All of these tools may be necessary to clean your air ducts. When Better Air Northwest visits your home or office we will properly assess what you need and then use the right tools to clean your air ducts correctly. We make sure we treat every job like it’s our most important job. So please click here to contact us online or call 360-852-6212 in Vancouver or 503-208-8351 in Portland to schedule an appointment.

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Does it Take Special Equipment to Clean Your Air Ducts?

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