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How Is the Air Quality in Your Office Affecting Productivity?

Thousands of people in the Portland, Vancouver and surrounding areas go to work every day with thousands of things on their minds, including what’s on tap for the day ahead. Most people have dozens of thing to worry about and get done while they’re at work so the thought of clean air ducts probably never enters their minds. That makes complete sense, but in reality clean air ducts can play an important role in how productive your workday ends up being.

That’s because according to a new study from Harvard University, poor air quality in your office does make you less productive. There are many things that affect air quality in your home and work place. Pollens, allergens, and many other airborne hazards surround us outside. However, the problem doesn’t stop once we head indoors. If you work in a location that is full of bad air, it stands to reason your health will suffer and your productivity is going to slack.

Many offices take measures to provide cleaner air for their employees, but they overlook an extremely important step: the air ducts. All of those harmful things in the air get trapped in air ducts, and over time those air ducts get very dirty. What’s worse, every time the HVAC system turns on all that nasty buildup gets pushed throughout the building, including into your workspace.

It’s now wonder that many office buildings end up with sick employees on a regular basis. So, have you had your air ducts cleaned in a while? If not, then it’s time to call Better Air Northwest and have them cleaned. Please contact us today and we’ll get the air in your office building much cleaner, which means you and your employees will reap the benefits. Call us today at 503-208-8351 in Portland or at 360-852-6212 in Vancouver, or click here to contact us online for quality commercial air duct cleaning.

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How Is the Air Quality in Your Office Affecting Productivity?

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