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Industrial Air Duct Cleaning in Portland & Vancouver

While most of our business is concentrated on residential air duct cleaning, we are also your choice for local industrial air duct cleaning. When the air ducts in your home have a problem it can be pain, but it usually won’t slow you down too much. However, if your business location has a problem with the ductwork, then it could cause a lot bigger problems, and in some cases those problems could even cost you a lot of money.

Some duct problems could create a safety hazard, which might force you to shut down your operation until the problem is resolved. Your workers could also be at risk, which could lead to other problems, including reduced productivity, as well as illness. Having clean and properly functioning air ducts is an important part of any business.

In addition, imagine the amount of dust that builds up at your business, especially if you work an industry that includes a lot of dust and debris. These items can build up over time and leave a huge mess. Plus, industrial duct lines tend to be much larger and more extensive than residential air duct lines and they also serve more purposes than normal duct lines.

If you need industrial services, including industrial air duct cleaning, then please contact Better Air Northwest today by clicking here. You can also reach us in Portland and Beaverton by calling 503-208-8351 or in Vancouver at 360-852-6212. Click here to see our residential services.

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Industrial Air Duct Cleaning in Portland & Vancouver

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