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Make Sure Your AC Unit Isn’t Hurting Your Health

The fireworks have all been blown up (except for the few you have left that you’re saving for a special occasion) and that big vacation you have planned for the summer is probably just around the corner. You’ve probably already given your grill some regular work and if you own a pool, chances are it’s all ready for use. Yes, summer is here and it’s in full swing. That means your air conditioner is probably going full blast as well. AC units are great for escaping the heat outside, while you relax indoors in a cool and comfy environment.

There’s no arguing that having an air conditioner is wonderful, but you should be aware that your air conditioner could also put your health at risk. That’s because when air conditioning units aren’t properly taken care of they can actually spread a lot of nasty things throughout the air you breathe. The good new is you can easily minimize the health risks involved of using an AC unit. The key is to keep things clean. One of the best ways to keep the air that circulates throughout your home clean is by cleaning your air ducts.

Think about it. If your furnace and your air conditioner produce clean air, but the pathways where that air travels are full of dust and other debris, then how clean will the air that ends up in your home really be? All that junk in your dirty air ducts will end up in the air you breathe, and therefore inside your lungs.

Don’t get sick from the air you breathe this summer. Make sure you air ducts are clean. Just click here to set up an appointment with Better Air Northwest, or call us at 503-208-8351 in Portland or at 360-852-6212 in Vancouver.

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Make Sure Your AC Unit Isn’t Hurting Your Health

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