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Make Sure Your Duct Cleaning Company Has the Right Equipment

Getting your air ducts cleaned by a trusted professional air duct cleaning company is important. If you want to breathe cleaner air, have less dust and improve your chances of avoiding allergy symptoms, a clean air duct system is vital.

But in order to get your air ducts really clean you have to use the right equipment. That means it’s really difficult to clean your air ducts yourself.

It also means the duct cleaning company you call must use the right equipment. The right equipment allows your air duct cleaning company to access your entire air duct system, including the many different curves and twists it takes.

Cleaning and inspecting your ductwork is not easy. In fact, it’s impossible to access every inch of your ductwork as it spans throughout your home, without the right equipment.

So make sure any air duct cleaning company you contact has the right equipment, which usually includes:

  • An agitation device that dislodges the built up debris
  • A vacuum that can powerfully pull all the filth from your ducts
  • HEPA or web vacuums for use when ducts are wet. These help control mold, mildew and bacteria in your ducts.

Make sure the air duct cleaning company you hire has the right equipment for the job. If you need air duct cleaning, then give Better Air Northwest a call at 503-208-8351 in Portland and at 360-852-6212 in Vancouver.

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Make Sure Your Duct Cleaning Company Has the Right Equipment

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