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More Happy Customers Share Their Experiences With Better Air Northwest

Posted on by Better Air Northwest

At Better Air Northwest, our customers are the life of our business, which is why we always try to keep everyone we work with satisfied with our service. We know that customer satisfaction is what keeps us in business. We take the same approach to every job we do and we aren’t satisfied if you aren’t satisfied.

That being said, we are always happy to share comments from our many happy customers. Here is just one recent example:

One customer said, “Tony and Gabriel are a great team. Found them on Angies List. They vacuumed out my dryer vent. Tons came out. Another time came to clean out entire house’s air vent system. Friendly, awesome, explained it all. Showed before/ after holding dirt contraptions. Got out a lot of construction debris. Very pleased with all they did. I highly recommend them.”

This is just one example from the many people we have served in the Vancouver and Portland area. We always put the customer first and we make sure we do the job right and to your satisfaction. If you have had a good experience with Better Air Northwest, then please feel free to give us your feedback.



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