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Portland/Vancouver Industrial Air Duct Cleaning

Safety is always one of the top priorities at any manufacturing plant or warehouse. However, while companies take careful measures to protect heir employees, there is one common area that they often forget: the air ducts.

Industrial air duct cleaning might not seem like a safety issue, but if your ducts are dirty then you and your employees are taking in polluted air day, after day, after day. That isn’t good for anyone.

A manufacturing or warehouse setting usually creates a lot of unpleasant pollutants, including mists, dust, smoke, and in some cases dangerous airborne chemicals. All of these nasty pollutants eventually get into the air ducts and pushed throughout the entire building.

They also build up in your ductwork and over time they can combine to create even dirtier air, which everyone gets exposed to. In some cases, depending on the different elements that are being collected, the buildup could end up being a fire hazard. Don’t let this happen at your warehouse, manufacturing plant or other industrial building.

With the right equipment and expertise we’ll clean your industrial air ducts properly, leaving your ducts clean and reducing the chance of a fire hazard, as well as making the air you breathe much cleaner.

If you need industrial air duct cleaning then please contact Better Air Northwest today by clicking here. You can also reach us in Portland and Beaverton by calling 503-208-8351 or in Vancouver at 360-852-6212. For our residential services click here.

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Portland/Vancouver Industrial Air Duct Cleaning

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