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Share Your Positive Review With Better Air Northwest

Share Your Positive Review With Better Air Northwest

At Better Air Northwest, we know that our customers are what make our business successful. When we do an air duct cleaning job right and leave you satisfied we are satisfied. We treat every customer like family. We want you to trust us and come back to us again whenever you need our service.

We always appreciate it when our customers share the positive experiences they’ve had with our company. And thank you to the many of you who have shared your experiences. We hope others will share their positive reviews as well. Here is one recent review we had from a satisfied customer.

Jia wrote:” My house was fly infested and supposedly a dead animal died somewhere, possibly in the air duct. First I was not sure if Better Air NW could handle this job, but after their team came I felt very much relieved and very happy that I made a right choice when I picked them out of so many other companies.”

She also said: “They were very friendly and made sure that I was notified of how it worked, their plan and the result. They not only cleaned the air ducts and drew out dirt, bugs, and flies and showed me the before and after pictures. They also went out of their way to inspect the crawl space and made sure that there was no dead animal in there. I really appreciate their help and their professionalism. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.”

You’re welcome Jia. We’re glad you appreciated our service. And thank you for letting us know. This is the kind of service our experienced techs provide to every one of our customers.

If you want to hire the right air duct cleaning company in the Vancouver or Portland area – a company you can trust – then please contact Better Air Northwest today. Call us at 360-852-6212 in Vancouver, or at 503-208-8351 in Portland, or click here to connect with us online. And please share the positive experience you’ve had with Better Air Northwest.

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Share Your Positive Review With Better Air Northwest

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