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Top Tips for Keeping Your Air Ducts Clean

Have you recently had your air ducts cleaned? Are you scheduled to get this valuable service done in the near future? Either way, you might wonder, how you keep them clean after you’ve had them cleaned professionally? That is a good question and we can help. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind.

  • You should regularly change your filters, and if they get clogged change them even more.
  • You should use the air filter with the highest efficiency recommended by the HVAC system manufacturer.
  • Always replace and use all filters. Make sure no filters are missing.
  • Clean cooling coils and drain pans when you service your HVAC system.
  • Seal off the registers and do not operate your HVAC system when doing any type of construction that produces dust. Don’t open them back up until the dust has been cleaned.
  • Clean dust from surfaces regularly and vacuum regularly with a HEPA vacuum.
  • Make sure your air ducts are properly sealed to avoid more dust or moisture from entering them.

After you’ve had your ducts cleaned, it’s important to remember these tips and put them into practice. You should also take the time to keep your eyes on are the registers and intake vents. Keeping these clean will also help to keep your air ducts clean.

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Top Tips for Keeping Your Air Ducts Clean

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