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What Does My Estimated Price Really Mean?

There are many companies, including other air duct cleaning companies that offer free estimates for their services. But what does a free estimate really mean? Of course, no company is dumb enough to try to charge you for their estimate after they show up, but many companies give you a low-ball or incomplete estimate with the hopes of getting your business and then jacking up the price later.

When you contact Better Air Northwest, you can trust that we offer an up front estimate that we won’t change after the fact. Our estimate includes the entire job from start to finish, so there where won’t be any extra add-on costs after the job is done.

We base our estimate on the square footage of your home so unless you suddenly build an addition on your home between the time you contact us and the day of your appointment, your estimate won’t change. As long as your square footage is fairly accurate our up front price will be the only price you get.

Our up front estimate, with no hidden fees or add-on charges is one of the things that sets us apart form the competition. So when you call Better Air for an estimate you are getting an honest answer that won’t change. Go ahead and give us a call or contact us online by clicking here. We want to serve you and help you breathe better air.

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What Does My Estimated Price Really Mean?

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