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Why Should You Have Your Air Ducts Sealed?

Are you enjoying a nice cool home or office during these hot summer days? If you’re lucky enough to have air conditioning then you know how nice it is to have a cool and comfortable place to escape the heat. However, if your air conditioning doesn’t seem quite as powerful as normal, or you’ve noticed that your energy bill is a little higher than usual for this time of year, then there could be a problem with your air ducts.

Although your ducts might look completely fine, they could still be the source of your problem. Even if you’ve had them cleaned recently, there could still be valuable air escaping through holes or improperly sealed vents. The amount of cool air your home gets could be compromised if your air ducts are not properly sealed. That means you are paying for all that cool air, but only getting a portion of it inside your home or office.

If your air conditioner is functioning properly, but you’re still not getting the best results possible, don’t replace your AC unit until you’ve had your air ducts checked for holes or leaks. At Better Air Northwest we can provide duct sealing services to make sure that all the cool air your AC unit is producing is going where you want it; inside your home.

So contact us today if you think you need your air ducts sealed. We’ll check for leaks and seal any open gaps or holes. Click here to contact us and click here to see all of the services we provide.

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Why Should You Have Your Air Ducts Sealed?

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