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Can Dirty Ducts Really Be Dangerous?

When you take the time to think about your air ducts you’ll probably realize the important role they play in the air quality of your entire home. The problem is most people don’t really ever think about their air ducts. Most air ducts are hidden away so they are easy to forget, but without those unseen ducts your home couldn’t get the cold or hot air it needs.

So there’s no question that your air ducts play a key role in your home’s heating and cooling. However, did you know that your air ducts also play a vital role in how clean or dirty the air is that you breathe in your home every day? Just think about it: all that dust, pollen, chemicals, germs and microbes that are floating around are in the air that you breathe every day.

If you want to limit your intake of these harmful things, one way to do it is to get your air ducts cleaned. According to some estimates, 40 pounds of dust accumulates in your home in a year’s time. That is just from normal every day living. That doesn’t take into account pets, pollens and other pollutants that enter our homes.

All that build up can lead to dirty air ducts and that can lead to a lot of health issues, especially for those who suffer from allergies. Dirty air ducts are not only gross, but they can be unhealthy for everyone living in your home, or working in an office.

Don’t let dirty air ducts pollute the air you breathe. Give us a call today at Better Air Northwest and make your air ducts healthy. In Portland call 503-208-8351 and in call Vancouver call 360-852-6212. Click here to learn more, or click here to contact us.

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Can Dirty Ducts Really Be Dangerous?

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