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Deep Clean Your Vancouver Air Ducts With Anti-Microbial Sanitation

Our world is full of germs, odors, and viruses and unfortunately, sometimes, those nasty things get into our homes. Obviously, we’re still dealing with COVID-19, which is a perfect example. We clean and dust, and mop and vacuum, but we can’t always get rid of some of those unwelcome guests.

That’s because sometimes we fail to get down to the real source of the problem. the fact is many of those germs, smells and even viruses are actually coming from our air ducts.

Air ducts can be full of all kinds of bad things, which is why getting your air ducts cleaned is a smart move. Of course, our standard air duct cleaning service for homes and businesses in Portland, Beaverton, and Vancouver is a great value.

But we also offer a deep cleaning anti-microbial sanitation service that can be added to your air duct cleaning.

This cleaning can make a big difference for anyone with allergies or cold symptoms like a stuffed or runny nose, or dry and itchy eyes. Our anti-microbial sanitation service not only helps relieve allergy symptoms, but it also removes unpleasant odors. 

And it doesn’t just mask bad smells, mold, and viruses; it actually removes them from your air ducts. This is very important as we head into the cold and flu season. With coronavirus and many other viruses going around, now is a great time to clean your air ducts.

If you have any of these nasty things in your home or office, then give Better Air Northwest a call and set up an anti-microbial-sanitation appointment today.

Click here to contact us online, or call us at 360-852-6212 or 503-208-8351.

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Deep Clean Your Vancouver Air Ducts With Anti-Microbial Sanitation

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