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Watch Out for Scammers When You Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

What’s the most important factor you consider when hiring a company to perform a service at your home or business? The truth is the answer will depend on what you value the most.

The price of a service is often the number one factor for some people. For others, it’s how quickly they can get the job done. And for others, it might be whether or not you can trust the company.

There are a lot of air duct cleaning companies in the Portland and Vancouver area. Some you can trust, but others you can’t. Some of these companies are honest and reliable, but there are some that are simply trying to scam you.

They don’t do the job they are hired to do, or they make up fake problems and then charge you to “fix” them. Unfortunately, scammers are everywhere, and they give air duct cleaning a bad reputation sometimes.

Air duct cleaning is a valuable service, and not all companies are out to scam you.

But if you want to get your air ducts cleaned make sure you contact a company you can trust. At Better Air Northwest, we put integrity first, and we’ll never try to scam you with services you don’t need.

Just contact us online to make your appointment today and let us serve you. Or give us a call at 360-852-6212 in Vancouver, or at 503-208-8351 in Portland.

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Watch Out for Scammers When You Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

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