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Does Your Air Duct Cleaning Company Have the Right Equipment?

Is it time to have your air ducts cleaned again? If it’s been a year or longer since you had them cleaned, then all of that dust and debris are building up. Plus, you probably have allergens and other pollutants that are giving you and/or your family members some troubles.

When you get your air ducts cleaned in Portland or Vancouver, you need to make sure you choose the right company to do the job. And one of the most important things for you to consider is whether or not the company uses the right equipment.

It’s even a good idea to ask the company if you can see its equipment before it ever enters your home. If the company shows up to clean your air ducts with a ShopVac and a long hose, then stop right there.

They are not going to be doing the job right. And they might even be trying to scam you. These vacuums are fine for cleaning out your car or other messes around your house. But they won’t work for your air ducts.

To really clean your air ducts right, they have to be put under negative pressure. Otherwise, any harmful debris won’t be removed.

That’s why you need powerful HEPA-Air equipment in order to get the negative pressure necessary to clean your air ducts. So make sure your air duct cleaning company uses the right equipment, so your air ducts are cleaned right.

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Does Your Air Duct Cleaning Company Have the Right Equipment?

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