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Don’t Be The Victim of an Air Duct Cleaning Scam

While no one wants to be the victim of a scam some people question whether or not even reputable air duct cleaning companies are really necessary. The answer is yes. It’s a good idea to get your ducts cleaned about every three to five years. It can help improve the overall health of your household and you can save more money with cleaner air ducts as opposed to dirty ones.

It’s always a good idea to clean you air ducts if you have animals, if you notice any mold, or if you or a family member have unexplained respiratory problems. Likewise, if you have done any remodeling lately consider getting your ducts cleaned. The next question to tackle is how to find the right air duct cleaning company. You should know that there are both good and bad air duct-cleaning companies, so you need to be aware of how to avoid a scam from an illegitimate duct cleaning company.

If you want to avoid a scam then make sure you keep these tips in mind:

  • Make sure they do a full service job and not just dust cleaning.
  • Ask for a written estimate and make sure there are no hidden charges.
  • Seek for references and reviews from previous customers.
  • Stay away from the $79 special. There is no such thing.
  • Ask for verification of the results.

At Better Air Northwest we promise to serve you and adhere to all of these important factors. Please give us a call and see how we can help you get better air. Call 360-852-6212 in Vancouver and 503-208-8351 in the Portland area. You can also connect with us by chatting online or by sending us an email.

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Don’t Be The Victim of an Air Duct Cleaning Scam

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