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What Exactly Are You Breathing Inside Your Home?

Do you feel like your home is a safe place to be? Perhaps you have a security, or alarm, system in place. Maybe you live in a gated community or you might live in a quiet neighborhood where nothing bad ever happens. However, even if you feel safe from the evils of the world, there may be other dangers lurking right in your very own home. That’s because the very air you breathe might be hurting your more than you think.

That’s because even though you might think your home is safe, it’s quite possible, and in many cases very likely, that you are breathing many harmful pollutants every day inside your home. The number one problem in the air we breathe is dust. It’s everywhere and it can have harmful effects on your health. Plus most of that dust, as much as 60 percent, comes from outside.

So is dust really that bad? You be the judge. Almost all the dust in your home, the same dust that you are breathing every day, is a made up of a mixture of animal hair, insects, human skin flakes, lint, food debris and microbial bacteria. That doesn’t sound too appealing. While there is no way to avoid breathing in some dust, you can greatly reduce the amount of dirty dust in your home by getting your air ducts cleaned.

That’s why you should get ahold of Better Air Northwest today. Just click here to contact us or give us a call at 503-208-8351 in Portland, or in Vancouver at 360-852-6212.

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What Exactly Are You Breathing Inside Your Home?

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