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Dryer Vent Fires Are a Real Danger

Most people in Vancouver, WA and Portland, Oregon don’t worry too much about their dryers when it comes to house fires. But did you know that dryer vent fires are a very real threat if you don’t clean them regularly? Plus, with fall here and winter just around the corner, the risk for dryer vent fires is about to go up.

Because we tend to wear bigger, thicker clothes during this time of year, dryer lint builds up more quickly. Throw in the coats, jackets, flannel sheets and extra blankets and your dryer is sure to build up lint much faster. When all that lint builds up it can spark fires more easily.

According to FEMA, there were more dryer vent fires in the fall and winter months between 2008-2010 than in spring and summer, with 11 percent of all dryer vent fires occurring in January. Meantime, the damage is very real from these fires.

It’s estimated that 2,900 dryer vent fires occur in residential buildings every year in the United States. Those fires lead to an average of five deaths each year, as well as 100 injuries and about $35 million in property damage and loss. You can see more dryer vent statistics by clicking here

Don’t become a statistic; get your dryer vent cleaned at least once a year. This simple service might end up saving you from a horrible tragedy. If you need your dryer vent cleaned, then contact us today at Better Air Northwest.

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Dryer Vent Fires Are a Real Danger

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