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Time to Start Thinking About Getting That Dryer Vent Cleaned

Can you believe summer is already over? How fast the time flies. Kids are back in school, swimming pools are stored away for another year and the holidays are just around the corner. Where does the time go? Now that the warmer weather is heading south for several months and the rain and cold are getting ready to return that means your cold-weather clothing is about to come out of the storage bins and closets.

That also means your washer and dryer are going to be working harder soon, too. All those coats, sweaters and extra blankets will really be putting your dryer to the test. That makes now the perfect time to get your dryer vent cleaned. Before the busy fall and winter seasons begin, you should actually get any lint build up you already have, removed by a professional dryer vent cleaning company, like Better Air Northwest.

Chances are you haven’t given your dryer vent much thought lately, but if you have been using a lot of extra towels this summer for different water activities then you could very likely have a lot of extra built up lint just sitting there already. That means getting your dryer vent cleaned now will prevent it from getting too much build up over the cold months ahead.

If you need your dryer vent checked and cleaned then give Better Air Northwest a call today at 360-852-6212 in Vancouver or at 503-208-8351 in Portland. You can also reach us online by clicking here.

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Time to Start Thinking About Getting That Dryer Vent Cleaned

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